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I arrived in Italy and these are my travel requirements


We know that getting tested can be complicated and expensive, so we would like to help you get organized and not overspend. We have selected a few suppliers that offer a wide range of PCR and antigen tests at special prices. In addition, we have prepared a list of all airports that offer on-site testing so you can fly with less hassle and more confidence.

Book with confidence and receive certified results. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has included Collinson on the UK government’s list of accepted suppliers and all tests are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and are CE certified.

Collinson offers a selection of pre-departure tests, including its new Premium PCR (suitable for flying), available exclusively at Gatwick Airport and providing results by 8:00 the following day, and rapid PCRs, with results available in as little as 3 hours. In addition, they also offer mandatory testing on arrival, which includes a 2nd day antigen test, with results in 2 hours. Visit Collinson’s website to find out which tests are available at the center you are interested in.

Requirements for travel to France in 2022 and health passport

Quarantine days are compulsory: As of May 16, Italy lifted the requirement of a 5-day quarantine upon entering the country.  The 14-day quarantine will only be required for people who do not present a molecular or antigen test.

On the other hand, we remind you that in all the so-called white zones, i.e. low risk of contagion, which coincide with the 20 regions of the country, it is allowed to remove the mask outdoors and as long as there are no crowds.

For more information on the necessary requirements when traveling in Europe, we recommend you to go to this link of the European Union, with all the necessary information to solve any doubt in this regard.

TRAVELING TO ITALY 2022: vaccinations and health pass

Lecce has an unmistakable style. With its monuments, dating back to Roman times and, above all, the extraordinary 17th century buildings with the characteristic color of its local stone that tends to blond. The atmosphere is lively and sparkling. During the day, you can spend hours in the sun on its beaches, which are just a few kilometers from the city. At night, the old town will welcome you with its elegant and timeless narrow streets and, of course, its delicious restaurants.

It was the cradle of the Renaissance and the world capital of art in the 15th century. It has one of the most important historical centers and some of the most famous museums in the world. Surrounding it is one of the most emblematic and characteristic landscapes on the planet. Everything in Florence is spectacular: from the stores to the streets that lead to the hills immediately behind the most touristic areas; from the most genuine and popular neighborhoods, which emerge just outside the historic center, to the monuments that express its soul.

NEW REQUIREMENTS for travel to ITALY 2021

Italian citizens who are in Colombia must strictly respect the indications of the Colombian authorities for the prevention of contagion. It is recommended to consult frequently, in addition to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Bogota, also the websites and social networks of the Ministry of Health of Colombia and of the different Authorities for information on the health situation, and the website of Migration Colombia.

Until September 30, 2022, it will be mandatory to use face masks type FFP2 in public transport (trains, ships, buses and other means of transport), in socio-health and socio-assistance structures, and in sanitary structures.

For the issuance of the European Green Certificate in favor of Italian citizens (also residing abroad) and their cohabiting relatives, as well as foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons and all subjects registered in any capacity with the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad, the vaccines recognized by the EMA are considered valid.

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