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** Remember that the measures and restrictions established by each country change constantly and sometimes without prior notice. Therefore, we always recommend contacting directly with the corresponding embassies or, in case you wish to travel with Viajes Bilbao Express, with one of our travel experts to receive updated advice on the current situation. The information presented here should be taken as a reference, and not as official information.

Since April 1st, all those travelers who have already been vaccinated at least 8 days before entering the Faroe Islands, will be allowed access without quarantine. Those who are not vaccinated will be obliged to be in isolation for 5 days (counting the day of arrival).    However, even for those who have received the doses corresponding to their vaccination, a PCR test (about 40€) will be mandatory upon arrival in the Faroe Islands. In this link you can access the official information from the Faroese government.

Traveling without vaccinations: These countries eliminated sanitary requirements

Italian citizens in Colombia must strictly respect the indications of the Colombian authorities for the prevention of contagion. It is recommended to consult frequently, in addition to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Bogota, also the websites and social networks of the Ministry of Health of Colombia and of the different Authorities for information on the sanitary situation, and the website of Migration Colombia.

Until September 30, 2022, it will be mandatory to use face masks type FFP2 in public transport (trains, ships, buses and other means of transport), in socio-health and socio-assistance structures, and in sanitary structures.

For the issuance of the European Green Certificate in favor of Italian citizens (also residing abroad) and their cohabiting relatives, as well as foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons and all subjects registered in any capacity with the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad, the vaccines recognized by the EMA are considered valid.

Which countries can I travel to without vaccination?

In addition, almost all restrictions in Andorra have been eliminated and the vaccination or recovery certificate is no longer required to enter restaurants, museums or hotels. Even so, if you are going to visit tourist attractions such as the Caldea Spa, it is advisable to go to the respective website to see what documentation is required. The use of face masks is still obligatory in hospitals, health centers and social health centers.

Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp… They are all European gems that you are sure you are eager to visit and you do not have to wait any longer to travel to this corner of Europe during the coronavirus crisis because it is possible to travel for sightseeing.

The beaches and national parks of Croatia are great to disconnect after so much time at home, but can we go right now? Well, it looks like we can travel to Croatia despite the coronavirus because the country is determined to continue to be one of the pioneers in boosting European tourism.

Are you looking forward to seeing the wonderful Lake Bled with your own eyes? Maybe you want to travel in Europe during the coronavirus and Slovenia tops your list. You don’t have to wait any longer because the government has decided to allow entry to travelers who want to travel to Slovenia now in 2022.

Which countries can I travel to without vaccination in 2022? – Mundukos

These new U.S. requirements will go into effect in November. In October, other countries also plan to relax their rules, and there are some nations that have long since allowed international tourists.

In principle, residents of European Union member states, and also Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (Schengen associated states), can enter Germany without restrictions, although, if there are countries that are classified as high-risk or with a variant of concern, restrictions apply.

Arrivals from other countries depend on the epidemiological situation and vaccination status. As of September 20, tourists are allowed unrestricted entry from 14 non-EU countries, including Hong Kong and Canada. See the full list here.advertisement

However, special measures are in place when traveling from countries considered high risk or with variants of concern (see here for the list, valid as of September 19). People arriving from these two categories have to go through quarantine, and the decision to do so or not depends on the level of risk.

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