Best women s travel shoes for italy

Comfortable walking shoes for women


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Shoes for walking a lot of women

If this is your vacation plan you will need a shoe that allows you to walk for hours but without your feet end up full of blisters. We advise you to choose good shoes, but among so many brands and so many models it is easy to doubt which one will be the most suitable.

The shoes that are sold specifically for walking are actually trekking shoes, i.e. shoes for walking on uneven terrain and slopes. These models are usually heavier, rougher, less flexible and with less ventilation capacity.

So that you can choose the perfect shoes to walk around cities, from El Comprador de La Vanguardia, we have chosen 4 models of great quality and that meet all the characteristics that make them the most comfortable footwear.

If you are looking for very light sneakers with absolute flexibility so that it seems that you are not even wearing anything, these are the Nike Flex Experience RN. Although for others this extreme lightness may be a drawback, this is a matter of taste.

Travel tennis shoes

In case you have to catch a plane, avoid wearing open-toed sneakers. Yes, we know that flip-flops and sandals are very easy to take off and put on at the security checkpoint, but they also leave your toes exposed to the changing temperatures on the plane. In other words, your feet will get cold. Most travelers find that for getting to and from airports, it is best to wear comfortable sneakers or walking shoes. This type of footwear also offers a higher level of cushioning and support, which will come in handy if your feet swell during the trip.

It’s also important to think about what kind of hiking you’ll be doing – what the terrain will be like, what the weather will be like, will you want to bring waterproof shoes, and ones with a rubber sole in case you need more traction? If you’re going to be in the office all day, you may not need more than a pair of flats or ballerinas.

Best shoes for traveling and walking

In 1928, the founder of the brand was the Florentine entrepreneur of the same name. To decree the worldwide success were the Hollywood divas, for which “the master of Italian shoes” created custom models. It is possible to see the evolution of Ferragamo’s production and style in the Museum created by the founder’s wife, Wanda Miletti, in 1995. It is said that a Ferragamo shoe is recognizable at first glance by the unmistakable aura of class that all models emanate. One example above all: the elegant “Varina” dancers and their characteristic bow.

From mondine boots to sneakers for teenagers. The brand born in Turin in 1911 has come a long way. The Italian footwear brand has been able to reinvent itself over time, creating a true youth status symbol: canvas shoes, available in the most varied colors and models. It is difficult to choose the one that best suits your personality and then, when in doubt, it is better to take them all. No need to say “comfortable and versatile shoes, suitable for the most varied occasions”, you just have to say Superga.

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