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Distance from paris to italy by plane


Departure from Aosta to the rich plain of the Po River. VENICE, arrival at lunch time (around 1:00 pm). In the afternoon, we include a boat transfer and panoramic walking tour of St. Mark’s Square with demonstration of the glass production of the island of Venice. Optionally we suggest you to complete your time with a gondola ride. Overnight in the area of Mestre or surroundings.

Following the Venice lagoon we reach Ravenna where we can visit the Mausoleum of Gala Placidia and the Basilica of San Vitale. After that we cross the Apennines to ASIA, free time for lunch and visit the basilicas. Continuation to ROME, arrival at the end of the day.

Distance between paris and rome by plane

Buying tickets three or four months in advance, with discounted fares, these trains can be very cheap. However, if you buy tickets on the day of travel, they can be very expensive. See the section at the bottom of the page for information on how to get the cheapest fares.

High-speed trains connect the most important cities in Italy and most of the time they run on specially dedicated rails, separated from other slower intercity trains. High speed trains are very comfortable and have plenty of space inside as well as free wi-fi.

On Trenitalia you buy real e-tickets, payment is made by credit card and the charge is made in euros. For high speed and intercity trains you can choose your seat in the train carriage.

On most connections between two cities you have the option to travel on a conventional train that uses different tracks than the high speed train. These trains are known as intercity trains and are much slower and less punctual than fast trains.

From paris to rome by plane

Bus tickets from Paris to Rome have an average price of 76,26 €, but you can get tickets at prices as low as 54,90 € if you book in advance and/or outside of peak travel dates, such as weekends and holidays.

We have a wide network of 200 destinations, so you can trust us to get you from your departure city to your destination city in comfort and style, all at a great price.

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You also have the option to travel direct in high speed between Paris and Milan, with TGV trains, although, in this case, the most advantageous duration is up to 7 hours. In any case, you can take a look at our search engine to choose the train ticket that suits you best between these two cities. Every day there are up to 16 trains from Paris to Milan, 4 of which are direct trains. This allows you great flexibility when configuring your trips in terms of schedules and prices.

The truth is that I didn’t sleep badly at all, considering the noise made by the fan in my cabin. I recommend that you wear the earplugs that come in the toiletry bag. Without them, you probably won’t sleep a wink.

The conductor woke me up 30 minutes before arriving in Milan to return my passport and let me know I could go to breakfast. After washing my face and getting dressed, I went to the cafeteria car to have a croissant and a coffee while I watched the train enter Milan.

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