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The Bernina Express train route takes you through incredible alpine scenery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – it’s that amazing. Think of all the clichés about the beauty of a scenic train ride and multiply them by 1,000. You’ll end up choosing to enjoy this trip through Switzerland.

The Bernina Express train has panoramic cars, more personal space and an overall better atmosphere. It is also a direct trip, whereas if you take a regional train, you will have to change trains and transfer your luggage.

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– In case you want to take the Naples excursion, please note that the island of Capri is only visited in high season (summer). There is another excursion available that does not include the visit to Capri and lunch.

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Switzerland to Italy by train

Are you preparing your trip to Switzerland and you need a little help with the preparations? Don’t worry, because in this post we are going to give you the tips for traveling to Switzerland that we would have liked to read before traveling to this wonderful country.

So, as always, that’s what we are here for, because in addition to sharing with you our route by car in Switzerland, we want to tell you about the best tips for traveling to Switzerland for the first time: everything you need to know before embarking on your adventure in the country of chocolate and cheese.

If we talk about tips for traveling to Switzerland, this has to be the first place. In addition to being a breathtakingly beautiful country, Switzerland is also a very expensive country where you will have to pay almost to breathe.

In the travel budget post we will break down all the expenses of the trip so you can see what you can save and what not, but to give you an idea, we spent during our three-week car route through Switzerland around 6,000 euros for two people (note that we traveled with our car from here, so we saved the item of car rental).

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