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It dries hair quickly and comfortably thanks to its 2000 W motor, obtaining the most flattering results thanks to its ionic function that prevents frizz. In addition, it has different nozzles so you can mold the hair to your liking.

This ProfiCare model provides the most efficient drying, thanks to its 1400 W motor. In addition to its folding handle and detachable nozzle, it has two speed and temperature positions so you can dry it with the precision you want.

It stands out for its ability to modulate the drying temperature thanks to its different air flow channels. Also, like other models seen, it has a removable nozzle and an ionic drying action.

The best professional hair dryer

Functional Travel Hair DryerView on AmazonDo you need a good quality travel hair dryer that is also very functional? Then the present device is ideal for you because it features three different temperature setting levels, as well as two speeds that can be activated. It is ideal to take along on a trip, as well as very durable and is available in a classic silver color.

Compact Travel Hair DryerSee on AmazonThis compact travel hair dryer includes an efficient folding handle, making it a space-saving device and therefore ideal for traveling or taking to the gym, sports center, etc. Its dual voltage makes it possible to use it anywhere in the world and it has two different speeds, for ultra-fast drying or lighter drying.

Lightweight travel dryerSee on AmazonThis travel dryer also has two different temperature levels so you can select the one that best suits your hair type. It also has a complete novelty: the possibility of using infrared heat to achieve a very effective and fast drying. It is an ideal travel dryer to take anywhere because it has a high quality folding handle that you can store and transport easily. A very light hairdryer recommended by experts for a defined hairstyle.

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Travel hairdryers are the perfect ally for all those constant travelers who don’t give up on having healthy, well-groomed hair. These products are really compact so you can store them wherever you want and they are easily transportable. If you want to have a great hairstyle at all times you only need to put the dryer in any suitcase. Discover all its features and more in our catalog of travel hair dryers.

Any of our mini hairdryers will offer you high power, maximum safety of use and innovative technology, for less than 50€. The price of these products is determined by their technical characteristics. In The Beauty Corner you will find a variety of prices according to the features so that whatever your budget is, you can enjoy them, isn’t it expensive? Don’t wait any longer and don’t miss this opportunity to get such a versatile hair styling tool, you won’t regret it!

Remington travel hair dryer

While in Italy and in most European and Asian countries we find a voltage of 220-240 V , in many other countries we find a voltage of 110-120 V , for example in Canada, United States, Cuba and Colombia.

Unlike the nozzle, the diffuser is only present in some travel dryer models and is used to dry curly and wavy hair without creasing the hair , as well as to keep the locks defined by lifting them from the root.

Travel hair dryers have at least two adjustable temperature settings and two speeds or power of the air jet. The most economical models are simply equipped with a button that selects a minimum speed and temperature, and a maximum speed and temperature.

The best travel hair dryers come with two independent settings. One for temperature, one for speed. In this case we can select the maximum temperature, but with a more delicate air jet, or a minimum temperature with a more powerful air jet.

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