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Italy is one of the most chosen countries by travelers as a tourist destination. Undoubtedly, this is due to many reasons. Its historical importance and rich culture, its beautiful landscapes and its tasty gastronomy are some of them.

Although it is not an easy task, we have made a selection of the 5 best beaches in Italy. With more than 7,500 kilometers of coastline, the Italian peninsula is home to one of the countries with the greatest offer and variety of beaches and coves in Europe. In addition to being connected to the Ionian, Adriatic, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, it has coasts on the Tyrrhenian…

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I found the bus a bit uncomfortable… the seats were very narrow with the one in front of me, which made the trip a bit unpleasant for long distances. CLAUDIA C.M.17/08/2022MARIA S.G.26/07/2022I liked the group very much, we were 15 people and that number made the transfers much easier, announcements, respect for schedules, etc.Excellent tour guide, with a lot of knowledge of the tour. In some places it was a long time to have lunch and see few things. The tour guide was excellent, with a lot of knowledge of the tour, and in some places it was a long time to have lunch and see few things.

2 The guide, after helping her to remove the glass in her hair and verify that the cut on her hand was minor, assisted the passengers well and was solving one by one the instances of an accident of this type.

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5 Requirements for Traveling as a tourist to Italy in 2020Published on 01/02/2020Many people have asked us about the requirements to enter Italy in 2020, and is that more and more travelers from Latin America are encouraged to know this wonderful country. For the time being, they remain the same as in 2019 and that we explain one by one in the video.

In this case, I am going to focus on the requirements to travel to Italy as a tourist, that is, for stays of less than 90 days, since the requirements to emigrate to Italy are very diverse and depend on each type of emigration to be done, it can be for study, work, rooting, etc.

4.    Schengen travel insurance.  This requirement is being requested not only at the time of immigration at any Italian airport, but even the authorities of the country of origin are requesting it before boarding.

The amounts required by the immigration authorities change frequently, so again, before traveling do not forget to check directly with the ministry’s website. But the most recent information we have is:

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I love to recommend a honeymoon in Italy because is there a more romantic country? I know that almost everyone has visited wonderful places like Rome, Milan or Venice, that’s why I like to offer a different proposal.

For me, that is another key to this trip. Travel is by road and never between destinations far apart. You won’t have to waste hours in airports, present visas every time, queue, etc… If there is one good thing about Europe for traveling, it is that it is super comfortable.

And, not least, reliable. Delays are very rare and we will be able to see many more things in less time. If we add to that the fact that Italy is the country with the most World Heritage Sites in the world and that it has the best gastronomy in the world (next to ours, of course), I can only think of reasons to come.

It may not be the most exotic among the honeymoon destinations for 2022, but it certainly has everything to enjoy a first-class honeymoon. And instead of eating at the Italian restaurant at the resort in the Caribbean or Bali, you’ll be eating truly authentic Italian food.

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