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That’s why there are thousands of routes to travel around Italy, one would like to have a lifetime to travel around the country. The list of places to visit is huge, but making an itinerary through Italy in a couple of weeks can be really profitable if everything is well organized.

That’s why in this article I’m going to tell you about a 15-day itinerary through Italy by train. I would also like to mention that I put together this itinerary with the objective that you are not going to be rushing, even though it is only a few days, I tried to make you really see each place and explore it calmly.

Beyond the importance or even trying to convince you to always travel with insurance, something you should know is that if you plan to travel to Italy it is a requirement to have insurance and if they ask for it and you don’t have it, they can’t let you in.

Do not take the risk of not having medical insurance, even if everyone has told you that they never used it or that they were not asked for it at the entrance of the country, believe me it is not worth the risk. Also, the cost of medical attention in Italy is expensive, if something happens to you (even if it is minimal), you will have to pay a good amount of euros to get treated if you don’t have medical insurance.

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Trains in Italy are chosen by tourists looking for speed and savings, because connections between major cities are generally faster and cheaper by train than by air, and because driving and parking in Italy can be stressful.

Owned by the state-owned Ferrovie dello Stato, Trenitalia is the country’s main rail operator, connecting Italy’s major cities from north to south via regional trains and high-speed services. In addition, Trenitalia connects the mainland with the islands through regular lines and ferry services, making travel easier and more accessible for domestic and foreign tourists.

Being the fastest train in Italy, it reaches a maximum speed of 360 km/h and connects the main cities of the Italian peninsula: Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence. It offers four different classes of passengers and numerous comforts.

Reaching a maximum speed of 250 km/h, they connect large and medium-sized cities such as Rome, Venice, Verona and Genoa. On board, passengers can enjoy reclining seats in first and second class, air conditioning and WiFi.

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I’m sure you’ve at least once imagined visiting the beautiful landscapes of Italy! Well, this video is perfect for you. In fact, we are going to recommend you 8 fantastic itineraries with which you can enjoy wonderful views through the Bel Paese!

It is possible that not everyone knows that in Italy we have an excellent railway line, very appreciated especially abroad. In this video we will discover the most appreciated stops of this line and we will start together a journey through the Italian boot, traveling from north to south. Ready? Pack your bags… Here we go!

Well, what are you waiting for? Buy your train tickets to live these experiences, we are sure you will love them! Also, if you want to discover other breathtaking goals for your next trip to Italy, don’t forget to watch our video about the most beautiful and unknown places in Italy!

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Travel from Naples to Sorrento and pass by the archaeological sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii. This fabulous trip offers views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples along the way. This train trip is undoubtedly one of the most scenic train journeys in Italy.

The best way to travel from northern Italy to southern Italy is the entire east coast by train. The line runs parallel to the coast for a six hour set of incredible scenery. Start in Rimini, grab a seat facing forward and take a picnic with you for a fabulous trip! On the way to Catania, the train crosses lemon groves and lava flows, with stops at some interesting stations along the journey.

Discover two of Italy’s famous cities with a beautiful train ride in between. The crossing from Venice to Florence takes you along the breath taking scenery and charming villages. This trip is only two hours long, but it is truly an enriching experience. There is no better way to travel between the two cities.

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