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What is the best debit card for travel to europe?


In a trip you withdraw a total of 1000€ in an ATM:How to choose the best credit and debit card to travelOnce we have presented you the 4 possible commissions, you should know which are the ones that each of your credit or debit cards will charge you. You have no choice but to make a list and check how many fees each card has. In many occasions you will have to ask by phone directly to the issuing bank of the card, because many of the propaganda of these cards hide this information in a dossier of dozens of pages of our particular case and after much searching we use:

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Reading time: 5 minutesTravel cards. Thrifty travelers!    None of us are spared when it comes to having to pay for any of our trips. The question is: How much does it cost us to pay and why so much?

In this article we are going to talk about the best cards to pay abroad without paying commissions. We have tried them in different countries and they have always worked very well and on top of that they have not returned the commissions.

The first reason why we carry so many cards is because there is always one that does not work or is not accepted by a toll. A credit card for example to rent a car… in short we always want to be covered and make sure that we are not going to be left stranded without money. As Maka says “forewarned is forearmed”.

Both credit and debit cards are hidden at the bottom of the wallet. They are the ones that have the worst change without a doubt, even if it doesn’t seem abusive. And in some banks they even charge a commission for paying abroad. That is why we carry them only for unforeseen events.

Best card to travel abroad mexico

When traveling, especially when our destination has a different currency than ours, such as Japan, Thailand or the United States, it is very common to carry in our luggage a good wad of bills of local money. But the reality is that carrying a wad of bills is neither the most comfortable nor the safest way to carry money during a trip. So in this post we are going to talk about what are for us the best cards for traveling.

Because… why are we going to carry a wad of bills with us if we can withdraw money for free and without commissions once we get to our destination? And for that we are going to need a prepaid card different from the ones we have with our bank. And not just any card will do, in this post we are going to talk about the best cards for traveling.

Although we have published very detailed information on each of the cards to travel without commissions and withdraw money for free that we are going to recommend, we will make a summary of what are our favorite cards to travel and why they are, so that in your next trips you can forget as much as possible about this issue.

Best travel cards 2022

Using our bank cards abroad involves commissions, both in European Union countries and in other countries in the rest of the world. These costs can reach more than 10 euros per operation between the commissions charged by our bank and the bank in the country where we are.

Not all banks apply this commission, and not all have the same amount. In addition, some banks that have travel cards do not pass this charge on to the customer and if the bank that owns the ATM charges the commission, the bank will refund the money. This usually happens in fintech banking.

However, if we use the credit card, we must make sure that we have registered the refund at the end of the month, otherwise the balances drawn will be returned in several months and we will have to pay interest.

In the case of withdrawing money, debit cards are undoubtedly cheaper for traveling because they do not charge interest or commissions for withdrawing money from ATMs, especially those in the euro zone.

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