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La satisfacción de su viaje es nuestro deber, vocación y reto. La calidad al mejor precio es nuestra misión y objetivo. Calidad en el proceso de compra, calidad en el itinerario, calidad humana, calidad en los hoteles, comidas.

INCLUIMOS VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL (Parlamento, Río Támesis, Torre de Londres, Palacio de Buckingham y el “cambio de guardia”). TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE a la alegre zona del Soho, donde podrá cenar en su restaurante preferido.

INCLUYE VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL, entrada a la TORRE EIFFEL (2ª planta) y PASEO EN BARCO por el Sena. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE al barrio de Montmartre, incluyendo el paseo en FUNICULAR, y varias opciones de restaurantes, por ejemplo, indios. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE a la zona de la Gare du Nord, hogar de la comunidad india de París, con muchas opciones de restaurantes franceses o étnicos.

INCLUIMOS VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL y entrada al COLOSO ROMANO y entrada a la CATEDRAL DE SAN PEDRO. PETER’s CATHEDRAL. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE al animado barrio de Esquilino con restaurantes italianos, indios, chinos e internacionales. TRASLADO POR LA TARDE a la zona de Via Cavour con todo tipo de restaurantes.

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Enjoy a tour to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, an exotic destination full of natural magic and millenary culture. Discover the Mayan world in our fantastic tours, and admire the beauty of its constructions, culture and gastronomy.

If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation you must visit Bavaro, you will be enchanted by its beautiful beaches and turquoise water. Also, enjoy your stay at the Barcelo Occidental Caribe 4* Hotel.

A great variety of activities and attractions guarantee you lots of fun and the perfect adventure. You can’t miss the Tree House experience with 4 waterfalls and exciting slides in a fabulous Aquapark.

In the middle of an incredible natural environment, this resort offers magnificent suites and exclusive service. The Barceló Puerto Vallarta 4*, located on the shore of the beautiful Mismaloya beach in the south of Puerto Vallarta, with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

Tourist packages to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Enjoy a fantastic trip to Dubai and from there travel to all the matches of the Ecuadorian national team. Special package for people who have already purchased tickets to the matches.

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Food and beverages: 2 bars and 5 restaurants (Marco Polo, international cuisine, a la carte; Pizzalisima, Italian, a la carte; Rosamarinus, international, buffet; La Palapita, sushi, a la carte; Las Fuentes, international, buffet).

Food and beverages: Several bars and 8 restaurants (coffee, seafood, French, American, Italian, Asian, international, grills and barbecues). 7 a la carte restaurants and one buffet.

Among its buildings stands out El Castillo, which is believed to have been an astronomical observatory and contains allegories to the sun and the planet Venus. It is located on a cliff, facing the Caribbean Sea and a stairway leads to a beach of crystal clear turquoise blue waters.

An all-inclusive air + hotel package, departing 07/18/2020 and returning 07/25/2020 (8 days and 7 nights) is priced at MXN 19588 per person (MXN 39176 for a couple), with the following conditions:

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Although most international airlines follow the same basic rules, there are differences in the permitted items you can bring on a plane. You should always check with your airline before you start packing because if they detect anything that might be prohibited, your luggage will be opened and searched, even if you put a lock on it. The list below is not exhaustive, but is a guide for visitors to the United States. The final decision on what you are allowed to bring on an airplane rests with the security checkpoint officer.

These are items that may seem harmless but could be used as a weapon. They include liquids above the permitted amount, baseball bats and similar sports equipment, metal knives and forks, long screwdrivers (more than 17 centimeters), scissors (more than 10 centimeters) and bladed corkscrews.

You are allowed a lighter with fuel in your carry-on baggage, but not in checked baggage, although in some countries (such as the UK) you must carry it in a plastic bag. Matches are not allowed.

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