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The cradle of today’s western civilization has a lot to offer. Greece is a country full of places to fall in love with at first sight, with a culture and history that are present in its cities. We are easily transported to that Ancient Greece where it all began. Witnessing countless archaeological sites, monasteries in breathtaking landscapes and beautiful islands of crystal clear waters in seas that have witnessed incredible stories.

Mount Pentelicus and Mount Hymetus are other major mountains that surround Athens and make up the Attica peninsula. The first of them, Mount Pentelicus, offers a green landscape and a great variety of natural sources of crystalline water. In addition, it offers a beautiful and impressive view of the city of Athens and the Euboean Gulf. For its part, Mount Himeto highlights its magnificent Koutouki cave, on the hillside, with a set of stalagmites, stalactites and columns that make it one of the best caves on the planet, as well as one of the best to explore.

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This is just a travel idea, as the area offers many possibilities related to nature and alternative tourism. Explain us the type of trip you want and we will organize it for you.

Breakfast. At the indicated time pick up the rental car at the hotel and start the route to Nafpaktos (217 km). On the way there you can visit the Corinth Canal, a spectacular work of engineering.

In the same lake we find the island of Ioannina, where still live some families who are mainly engaged in fishing. Its cobbled streets and traditional houses invite you to spend the afternoon strolling around and the local taverns serve typical specialties.

On the way and deviating a little, our recommendation is to visit the villages of Monodendri and Vitsa, both very picturesque, with narrow stone streets and several restaurants and taverns where you can taste the exquisite cuisine of the area.

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Today we bring you 7 incredible and very original cities that you may not know, some on volcanoes, some underground, our world is full of wonderful places, that’s why walking around and getting to know the world is the best way to learn and grow.

If your wanderlust just won’t let you rest easy, you’ve come to the right place. This panoramic virtual tour from the top of South Korea is a real trip that celebrates beauty.

In Latin America we have the custom of organizing with our family and friends the traditional roasted meats, asados, parrilladas or barbecues, however, did you know that it is also a Russian tradition?

With the arrival of spring, we begin to dust off the warm clothes, clean the houses and make plans to travel and also give a “cleaning” to the head, we have made in Todomail a compilation of 7 articles about beautiful places to visit in Russia.

Taken from a drone, these stunning aerial images show the raw landscapes of Iceland as you’ve never seen them before. These are some of the best photos of Iceland by Gábor Nagy.

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Perhaps the most emblematic place in mythology is Mount Olympus, located between Thessaly and Macedonia, where the gods lived. Its summit was shrouded in clouds that prevented humans from reaching it and discovering it. Nevertheless, legends tell that Zeus and the gods descended from the sacred Olympus to the sea and the islands to define their current conformation, culture and tradition.

Turning to the islands, Crete is the most important. It is the largest island in the Aegean and was the cradle of the Minoan civilization and the protagonist of many myths. For example, the birth of Zeus, whom his mother, Rhea, hid in a cave because his destiny said he would be devoured by his father, Saturn, one of the Titans, the divinities born before the Olympians. It is on this island where the labyrinth in which Minos was imprisoned is also located and today you can visit the palace of Knossos, where this half-man, half-bull lived.

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