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Chileans need visavivo in greece I am chilean documented I went to buy a ticket today the flight passes through the U.S. in the ofi.Me ask for visa I call the embassy of Chile and do not know how to give me answer,I call them to udt. And it is impossible to contact me, please if you are so kind I hope for an answer as soon as possible, thank you. gretter

i want to travel to the united states for 21 days to see my family hello i am cuban and i live in greece,i have a child who is greek and he is 6 years old and i want to travel to the united states for 21 days i am a resident of greece,my son is a greek citizen.i want to see my family and for my son to meet them.please what steps should i take.i am waiting for a reply.thanks gaby

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U.S. warns its citizens in Greece to avoid the Turkish borderThe U.S. embassy there also said it “received reports of violence against U.S. citizens attempting to travel to Lesbos. “05.03.2020

The embassy also said it “received reports of violence against U.S. citizens attempting to travel to Lesbos. “The U.S. representation indicated that some violent clashes occurred and will continue to occur on the island of Lesbos and at the land border of Evros.Americans were urged to leave areas where they feel unsafe, keep a low profile and avoid crowded areas. Last week, Turkish officials announced they would no longer try to prevent asylum seekers from entering Europe and accused the EU of failing to keep promises it made as part of a 2016 deal reached on the refugee crisis.In light of Ankara’s announcement, more than 130,000 refugees have crossed into Europe.The decision came after 34 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack by regime forces in Idlib, the region in northwestern Syria, in late February. The soldiers are working to protect local civilians under an agreement with Russia signed in 2018, which bans any acts of aggression in the region.The Greek government’s reaction has been harsh, generating criticism from several humanitarian organizations.Turkey already hosts some 3.7 million Syrian migrants, more than any other country in the world, and says it cannot contain another wave of refugees.  On Greece’s Lesbos Island some residents tried to forcibly prevent refugees from accessing the islandTags: #Lesbos.

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U.S. citizens are among the people in the world who can travel as tourists or on business to the most countries without a visa. They are currently surpassed in this privilege only by nationals of Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.

This article provides information on which countries require visas for U.S. citizens and which require other requirements. In addition, 4 very important issues are discussed in advance: where to obtain the visa, cases of dual nationality, entry or exit stamps for Israel, and deadlines.

Listed below are the countries that require visas for U.S. citizens who wish to travel as tourists or for business purposes. Obviously visas are always required for other types of activities, such as work or study.

And this is true in more countries. So if you are traveling between the United States and the other country of which you have the other nationality, you will have to travel with both passports and at each border use the one that corresponds.

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Citizens of El Salvador need a visa to travel to the United States.    A nonimmigrant visa is a permit to enter the United States, once approved it is placed in the passport, a travel document issued by the authorities of the applicant’s country. A U.S. visa allows you to travel to the United States, but does not guarantee your entry or determine the amount of time allowed for your stay. Immigration officers at the port of entry make those decisions.

Certain citizens of some countries (European and some Asian countries) may travel to the United States without a visa, if they meet certain requirements.    For more information about the Visa Waiver Program, please visit the following link.

Contact UsIf you have questions about the visa process or a specific case, you can contact our Visa Information Center at no additional cost. Our customer service representatives can assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CST) through the following means:

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