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The tranquility and beauty of Naxos, an island to explore.Naxos, one of the quietest islands of the Cyclades and with beaches that we could say that they are the best of the Aegean, in the Guide to the best Greek Islands I detail the different islands of this country that has several spectacular archipelagos to to get or how to move between the Greek islands? I leave it all explained with links : Getting around the Greek Islands

The beach of the city is called Agios George and is a bay with several restaurants and beach area with facilities. If we stay with this picture, which is not bad obviously, we will think that the beach of Naxos is this. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the best beaches in the Cyclades are around here but you have to go out and explore the island.

Explore the island of Naxos beyond ChoraNaxos is the largest island of the Cyclades, also the greenest and most fertile. The architecture of its capital is among the most interesting in the Aegean and the medieval villages dotted around the island amaze. The beaches are considered among the best in Greece. All this and its distances, makes the best plan is to rent a car and explore the island. We rented a car for the day to drive free but there are buses or excursions that take you around the island as well, here is a recommendation to rent a car in Naxos at the best price. We marked a route, we didn’t want to spend the whole day in the car but to choose and enjoy the villages we were most curious about and the beaches we wanted to visit.  This route can also be done with some tours that I recommend:

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This may be one of the most common questions tourists have: which Greek island should they venture to? To help you decide on your next vacation destination, here is a list of facts that may help you come to a conclusion.

Paros and Naxos are 2 of my favorite islands in Greece. When people ask which island to visit in Greece, my first answer is Santorini and my second is usually Naxos or Paros (with Crete nearby, although Crete requires at least a week or two to fully explore). Both Paros and Naxos have better beaches than Santorini.Both Naxos and Paros are a short ferry ride from Santorini. If you are considering visiting another island after Santorini, Naxos and Paros should be at the top of your list. The following is an excerpt from a travel forum from a long-time resident of Greece that I have lightly edited (with permission, of course).

This is not a question of which is the “best” island. But which is the most suitable? Suitable for your interests, requirements and constraints on the particular trip. What is suitable for someone on one trip may not be suitable for the same person on another trip and, of course, what is suitable for one person may not be suitable for another person.Paros and Naxos are very similar in some ways, very different in others.

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In this post guide to travel to Naxos I am going to tell you about the great success of visiting this island, especially for those who are looking for a balance between tranquility, beauty, incredible beaches and charm in one destination.

On my first trip touring Greek islands (trips that you can follow at the moment on my Instagram), from Athens I made my first stop in Ikaria (the island of longevity that you can see in this guide), then I made a brief stopover in Mykonos, a five-night visit to Santorini, and finally said goodbye to Greece with a few days on the island of Naxos.

For example from Mykonos you will find several daily options by ferry (in companies like Blue Star Ferries, Seajet, Highspeed, Zante) to get to Naxos. And this in a fairly short time as both islands are very close.

If we fly to Mykonos the mechanics is the same: in a ferry we will arrive in an hour and a half to our final destination, and in summer there are enough frequencies. If we arrive via Athens, we will have to go from the airport to the port of Piraeus, and there take a ferry to Naxos.

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