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From our point of view there are 5 places we recommend to stay in Milos:Accommodation in Adamas PortAdamas Port is the place you will reach if you go to Milos by ferry. This place has a lot of atmosphere, car rental agencies, restaurants, bars and plenty of accommodation. You will find all the hotels in Adamas here, but we recommend you:

Accommodation in PlakaPlaka is the capital of Milos and one of the most beautiful villages on the island. Its white houses with colorful doors and narrow streets decorated with bougainvillea make Plaka one of the most special places in Milos. There is also a wide range of hotels (a bit more expensive) and many restaurants.  You will find all the hotels in Plaka here, but we recommend you:

Accommodation in TriovasalosTriovasalos was the place we chose to stay in Milos.  The village itself is nothing special, but it is a stone’s throw from Plaka, close to the port of Adamas and offers cheaper options.  You will find all the hotels in Triovasalos here. There are not so many options, but we recommend:

Milos sunset

When we organized our itinerary in Greece we had many doubts about which islands to visit. Milos was not among our first choices, but the pictures and videos we saw of it made us fall in love with it. So we went to Milos by a crush, by an infatuation that came through our eyes. And that always has its risks… Fortunately, the pictures did not lie but fell short even. Our 3 days there became very short and it became our favorite Greek island.

Its 120 km of coastline have more than 70 beaches that are reputed to be among the most beautiful in Greece (with permission of those of Crete) and even in the world. And its villages have managed to preserve their traditional character, both in terms of urban planning and atmosphere, without being subjected to mass tourism. Touring Milos is therefore to walk along its beaches and villages, unhurried, admiring the views, swimming in an incredible blue sea and enjoying a simple gastronomy based on fish and seafood. If this is your style of travel, congratulations, you will have found a gem.

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Milos mine beach

Its 125 kilometers of coastline run between beaches, mines, fishing ports and beautiful whitewashed villages. Plaka is the capital of all of them. Its privileged location allows you to enjoy the best sunsets you will see in Greece and its solitary cobbled streets will allow you to “listen to the silence”.

It is possible to check timetables, days of departure of the boats, prices and shipping companies that operate the route Piraeus-Milos-Piraeus. It is a good source of information that also allows you to buy tickets if you wish.

We bought the tickets directly on the website of Grecotour, a travel agency located in Madrid that sent us by express mail the physical tickets the day after the purchase. The whole process was fast, simple and convenient.

In addition, the town has many taverns where it is possible to taste the typical dishes of Greek gastronomy. There is a great variety of them. So you can take the opportunity to take a break and rest.

Next to the catacombs are the remains of the ancient Roman city of Klima. Little remains of this city since the passage of time has destroyed much of it. However, the theater has survived and can be visited.

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