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Travel route to Greece in 2018Are you planning a trip to Greece and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, with our guide and tips you won’t have to worry about anything. We tell you how to book cheap flights to Greece, where to find the best accommodations, how to get around the country and all the must-see Greek islands, visits and secret places you can’t miss in Greece.

Best time to go: Any time of the year is good to visit Greece. The best months to travel to Greece are June and September. Temperatures are milder and it is not as hot as in July and August.

How to get around: The best way to get around the Greek Islands is by ferry. We always book our trips with Direct Ferries, which shows you the best combinations by time and price.

Greece is one of those countries that has stolen my heart and to which I do not mind coming back again and again, because I feel at home, for its atmosphere, its gastronomy and the warmth and authenticity of its people. On this trip to the Greek Islands we visited the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, Milos and Zakynthos. In our travel diary to the Greek Islands in 18 days, we help you to plan the trip, to organize the route and we leave you the Guide of each island that we visited, so that you can see the essential and places that you cannot miss in the Greek Islands.

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Also, since there will not be as many tourists, the prices of accommodations and restaurants will be more affordable. On the other hand, November to March is the worst time to travel to Greece, as temperatures will be colder and many of the tourist attractions will be closed. Also many of the ferries that connect the islands also see reduced activity, so the advice to travel to Greece that we give you is not to do it during these months, as you may not be able to visit all the places you want.

The summer months are considered high season in Greece, as it is the time that receives more tourists. If you travel to the country during these months you will see how all the places of interest will be full of tourists, to which must be added the large increase in prices that can occur in accommodation, airline tickets and even car rentals.

Our advice to travel to Greece and know thoroughly the city of Athens is that at least you stay in the city about three days. Only with that time you will be able to know each of the places of interest that this city has. If you want you can combine your walks around the city with one of the tours or guided visits that are offered in the city, without a doubt the best combination. You should keep in mind that if you go to the country during the high season you will find long lines in many of the places of interest.

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There are no commentsIs it your first time in Greece? Are you going to visit the most famous islands of the Aegean? Boy, I’m so envious right now. Both Santorini and Mykonos are two islands you surely want to cross off your travel list on an upcoming trip to Greece, right? That’s perfect. In this article I’m going to tell you how to get from Santorini to Mykonos or vice versa.

19 commentsDon’t tell me you haven’t seen hundreds of times images of Santorini in paintings, posters and celebrity weddings. Santorini is probably the most famous island in Greece, the bad thing is that it is so crowded that in summer not even a pin can fit in it. If so many people visit this volcanic island for something, don’t you think?

6 commentsOne of the most popular Greek islands in the Aegean Sea is Mykonos. Known for being the Greek Ibiza, we found it a very coquettish island, with better beaches if you compare it with its neighbor Santorini and where if you want to party don’t worry because you will find good partying.

40 commentsHere you have just out of the oven the summary post with all the details of our trip to Greece. With this post I think we are going to help a lot to people who are organizing a trip to the Greek Islands. Above all, for the logistics, travel, which islands to choose and the time to spend in each one of them.

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What is the best travel insurance to Greece? After these long months in which traveling has not been possible, now we want to go out again to see the world and live unforgettable experiences. And we want to do it safely and with the best guarantees. So, if you are already planning your trip to Greece, it is very likely that you are wondering which international policy to take out to be protected at all times.

“The European Health Insurance Card is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover private health care or costs such as the return flight to your home country or the loss or theft of your belongings.”

Greece is synonymous with walks among historic ruins, beautiful beaches to relax on, gastronomic delights to try and hundreds of places to fall in love with the country, so it is essential to have an international travel policy to cover any situation that may arise.

Another huge difference between your travel insurance to Greece and the European Health Insurance Card is that the latter, in addition to very limited coverage, only offers the minimum medical care. Thanks to the insurance to Greece you will also have coverage that will protect you beyond health. Problems with your luggage, problems with your flights, robbery with violence, repatriation… all this and much more will be covered only with your international policy.

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