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To organize a trip to Greece the first thing to do is to choose the season. We recommend you to visit Greece in summer, as this season offers the ideal temperature to enjoy both the Greek Islands and the imposing city of Athens. However, consider that the heat will be considerable, so it is ideal to stay hydrated to endure long journeys and tours.

To organize a trip to Greece it is very important that you know what to see in Athens. The capital of this European country has a very particular charm, not only because of its historical relevance, but also because its congested traffic and the fast pace of the city give it a totally different vibe from any city in Europe. So, what to see in Athens? A walk around the Acropolis of Athens is a must, this part is the highest part of the city and is one of the most emblematic places of Ancient Greece. The Parthenon is the most visited monument in Athens, the Ancient Agora was the social, economic and political center of Greece in the past, the Odeon of Herodes will leave you breathless, it is an ancient theater built in 161. For its part, the Syntagma Square and the Panathenaic Stadium are the best representation of a modern Athens. We also recommend you to check here which are the most popular neighborhoods in Athens.

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This is a post of tips for traveling to Greece on your own and putting together an itinerary (recommended for 15 days). All based on my experience traveling around the country. And by way of confession, I want to tell you that you end up falling in love with some villages in Greece (even wanting to stay).

Traveling to Greece requires an important planning in terms of itineraries, number of days, etc. . But above all I know that one of the main concerns is about choosing destinations among a number of attractive sites that surely overwhelm us. Another point that usually complicates us is about how to dose days, nights, things to see. That’s what I’m going to tell you about in this post.

I mean that in addition to good tips for traveling to Greece on your own, I want to share with you a concrete example of an itinerary as an inspiration. And let this serve as a reference to complete a good overview of Greece.

This model of a trip to Greece that I propose is designed to be done in 15 days and includes: a first few days in Athens, some excursions in the surroundings of Athens, and then a visit to four Greek islands in the Cyclades archipelago. And how do I select the islands that I propose? They are simply the ones I was able to see on my trip (four in total) and that cover all the possibilities: the quietest island (Ikaria), an island with excellent beaches and not overcrowded (Naxos), and two classic islands within the tourism of Greece (Santorini and Mykonos).


I can’t wait to tell you all the details about our trip to Greece. While I edit the videos, which I can already tell you that they will be loaded, I am going to give you a summary of the itinerary we did and how we planned our vacation.

The host turned out to be very friendly and respectful. He was happy to chat with us for a while but gave us our space at all times. We had the pool all to ourselves and the house was a real treat. We had a room worthy of a 5 star hotel for only 60 euros a night. This is what I love about Airbnb, it is a much more authentic, economical and comfortable travel alternative to a hotel.

How to tour greece

Also, since there won’t be as many tourists the prices of accommodations and restaurants will be more affordable. On the other hand, November to March is the worst time to travel to Greece, as temperatures will be colder and many of the tourist attractions will be closed. Also many of the ferries that connect the islands also see reduced activity, so the advice to travel to Greece that we give you is not to do it during these months, as you may not be able to visit all the places you want.

The summer months are considered high season in Greece, as it is the time that receives more tourists. If you travel to the country during these months you will see how all the places of interest will be full of tourists, to which must be added the large increase in prices that can occur in accommodation, airline tickets and even car rentals.

Our advice to travel to Greece and know thoroughly the city of Athens is that at least you stay in the city about three days. Only with that time you will be able to know each one of the places of interest that this city has. If you want you can combine your walks around the city with one of the tours or guided visits that are offered in this, certainly the best combination. You should keep in mind that if you go to the country during the high season you will find long lines in many of the places of interest.

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