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Nightingale and her team worked hard on the cleanliness and diet to be followed by the sick. In addition, with the authority she had as director, she got military engineers to fix water leaks and improve water purification.

All these actions earned her an excellent reputation in the United Kingdom. On her return, a group of supporters had created the Nightingale Fund to build a school for nurses, which opened in 1860. Today the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care is still in operation and is part of King’s College London.

Her work was instrumental in the creation of the British Red Cross in 1870. In fact, the body’s International Committee annually awards the Florence Nightingale Medal to exceptional nurses. To graduate, these professionals continue to take the oath that bears her name.

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“Last summer there was a huge influx of arrivals on the islands, between 500 and 800 every day,” begins this nurse, who stresses that the NGOs she was in contact with “were desperate, asking for help.” That is why she decided to go to the refugee camps in Greece, “with a friend from the UNESCO Madrid Center, to help in whatever way she could, not only as a health worker, but in whatever was needed: preparing food, unloading trucks, distributing clothes…”.

“No one who has gone to the refugee camps ever stops coming back, a part of you stays there. It’s impossible to think that you won’t go back after seeing what you see. Any human being with a minimum of feelings cannot remain indifferent. Everyone comes back, and I, of course, plan to,” he says.

“One of the objectives of the trip was to denounce what was happening,” he explains. He received daily messages about the massive arrivals of refugees and the situation in the camps, which made him decide to go to the field so that he could later tell the story. “One of the problems of the refugee camps is that they are in European Union territory, and we citizens have no idea what is happening there. We had information, but looking into the eyes of the people and seeing their despair, sadness, grief and uncertainty about the future… These things are engraved in our hearts and we have to tell them by all means, transmitting the situation of those who are victims of unsuspected situations, which we cannot even imagine. No one throws himself into the sea with his family if there is not a terrible life behind”.

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International Nursing Day is celebrated on May 12 to commemorate the birth of Florence Nigthingale, who improved the method of care given to the wounded of the Crimean War, these innovations gave rise to what is known as modern nursing.

Rosa Mónica Chávez Cateriano, from Barrio La Legua, San Martín Stake, has a degree in Nursing and works at the Daniel Alcides Carrión National Hospital, “serving others through my profession makes me feel satisfied. It is pleasant to serve, spiritually I feel good when my neighbor is recovering from his ailments”.

Chávez explains that the beginning of the pandemic was a very difficult season, “many people died, it was constant to see the pain of the families. Despite the harsh scenes we saw at all hours and every day, we were motivated to provide better care and fight for the lives of our patients, even in spite of the fear of being infected by the virus, however, the satisfaction of helping our patients and seeing them get out of the ICU beds is indescribable”.

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Sophia of Greece and Denmark is the firstborn daughter of the kings of Greece, Paul and Frederica, was born in Athens in 1938 shortly before the outbreak of World War II.    The royal family had to go into exile in Africa for the duration of the war, after which they returned to Greece.

After graduation, she continued working as a nurse in the same Health Center, which combined the care of orphans, pediatric care and the maternity clinic. In addition, she was responsible for the students in the neonatal ward.

Her first job was at the outpatient clinic on Calle de la Lila in Oviedo. She had three daughters and like all nurses, she made her family and work life compatible, including on-call schedules. In this outpatient clinic she became head of extractions.

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