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Due to the conflict situation in the countries of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and the consequences of decisions taken by the international community which are affecting the making of payments, bank transfers and the use of credit and debit cards, we are unable to issue Schengen Visa insurance policies to residents of Russia and Belarus. We will inform you when the situation changes and residents of these countries are able to reinstate our policies.

To date, the European Union is made up of a total of 28 countries, most of which form what is known as the Schengen area. To them are added, in addition, other territories that, not being member states, do belong to this zone that includes 26 countries.

With the Allianz Assistance Schengen Visa insurance you will have travel assistance coverage to move with peace of mind through the territories of the countries adhered to this agreement. Having travel insurance may be a mandatory requirement for the processing of the visa but, before choosing, you should know that not everything goes.

How to purchase travel insurance

To be covered for any incident that may occur during your trip to Greece, take out your travel insurance! You will be able to travel in comfort and peace of mind, knowing that in case of any unforeseen event you will be covered with the guarantee of a leading insurance brand.

Greece is the country of ancient architecture, the Olympic Games, undisputed artists, literature and the study of history, politics, mathematics and science. To know and discover Greece, you will have to visit the places that marked the history of this country, either by its Greek Islands or by the most important cities, such as Athens.

Travel insurance for foreigners in Spain

Before traveling to Europe, it is essential to take out travel insurance. Indeed, no one is exempt from suffering a health problem or an accident. Travel insurance covers medical expenses in case of illness, injury, hospitalization or other unfortunate events. In short, travel insurance helps travelers better cope with unforeseen expenses. Thanks to this financial backing, travelers can rest assured.

Taking out travel insurance that also covers illness is mandatory, but only for travelers wishing to go to the Schengen area. Indeed, they must be covered during their stay on European territory. This applies to everyone: students, vacationers, from tourists to business travelers.

If you have a visa exemption, you can choose the Visa insurance that suits you best, if you wish. Although you are not obliged to do so, it is especially recommended since the costs in case of an accident are very high in the Schengen area.

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What is the best travel insurance to Greece? After these long months in which traveling has not been possible, now we want to go out again to see the world and live unforgettable experiences. And we want to do it safely and with the best guarantees. So, if you are already planning your trip to Greece, it is very likely that you are wondering which international policy to take out to be protected at all times.

“The European Health Insurance Card is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover private healthcare or costs such as the flight back to your home country or the loss or theft of your belongings.”

Greece is synonymous with walks among historic ruins, beautiful beaches to relax on, gastronomic delights to try and hundreds of places to fall in love with the country, so it is essential to have an international travel policy to cover any situation that may arise.

Another huge difference between your travel insurance to Greece and the European Health Insurance Card is that the latter, in addition to very limited coverage, only offers the minimum medical care. Thanks to the insurance to Greece you will also have coverage that will protect you beyond health. Problems with your luggage, problems with your flights, robbery with violence, repatriation… all this and much more will be covered only with your international policy.

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