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Greece trip report: Rhodes, Karpathos and Athens . Travel forum, exchange of information about countries and cities COST OF THE TRIPOtoo 2006.We have spent about 1000 per person on this trip, broken down as follows: (the amounts are approximate and always per person). 365 – Airline tickets, all purchased from Spain 55 – Transportation costs in Greece (Rhodes-Diafani ferry, cab, car, metro) 35 – 2 days car rental in Karpathos + gasoline 165 – Accommodation 280 – Meals, including breakfast and wine 100 – Miscellaneous (small purchases, drinks, …)Oracio Holiveira5 / 29

Greece trip report: Rhodes, Karpathos and Athens . Travel forum, exchange of information about countries and citiesOtoo 2006.Church of MesohoriAt last, one of the beaches of Levkos appears before our eyes. It is a small village of scattered houses in the interior of a valley that ends in the coast, forming 3 beautiful beaches. Between the village and the beaches several dozens of houses have grown like mushrooms, whose rooms are rented in summer. At least for now they have not built next to the beaches. Together with Ammopi and Arkassa, where we will pass tomorrow, it is the closest thing to a hotel resort on the island. Nothing to do with other closer parts of the Mediterranean…Altar of one of the many hermitages that we find on the roads of KarpathosOracio Holiveira 2918 /

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ATHENS: A much bigger city than I expected. Apart from the obligatory visits to the Acropolis and the temple of Zeus, I recommend a mini-excursion on Mount Likavitos, with great views of the whole city and the Acropolis… In two hours of walking we hardly met anyone.

On the Acropolis there will be people, but as it is a very large area, it is far from overwhelming. In addition to the Parthenon and the other temples, you can walk around the whole hill, and going down are the Roman Forum and the temple of Ephesus, very nice and with very few people.

What I liked most was to walk and walk, without knowing exactly where, and find a column here, some stones there, a site in the same subway station … ancient remains in every corner.

AEGINA ISLAND: The closest island to Athens, you can go and return the same day. Very nice, very few people also. There is also a very big archaeological site (there were only us and another couple that was there, nobody else!!), with neolithic remains…. brutal. And the same, a little bit of beach and then just to walk around.

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The islands of Greece are so many and so different that you could spend a 15-day trip just going from one to another. But if you have two weeks for the whole country there are at least two, the most famous, that you should include in your itinerary: Mykonos and Santorini. Even if you have not been to Greece before, you have surely heard of them, a sign that when you go there you will find them extremely crowded unless you go in low season. To get to Mykonos you will have to leave from Athens and you can go either by ferry or by plane. The difference is that it takes 45 minutes by plane and 2.5 to 5 hours by boat, depending on the speed of the boat. Once in Mykonos you can go from beach to beach, walk through the center of Chora, visit the famous windmills of the island, stroll through Little Venice and visit the old port of Mykonos.

And we arrive in Athens, one of the highlights of the trip. But do not think that here you have to see the Parthenon and that’s it, because the city, in addition to many other archaeological landmarks of great importance has an atmosphere in its streets and museums that you should not overlook. We will not deny it, the Acropolis of Athens is one of the most touristic places in the world, and the Parthenon its most famous temple, but here you will also find the Erechtheion with its Caryatids, the Propylaea, the temple of Athena Nike, the theater of Dionysus Eleuteros and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Next to the ruins is the Acropolis Museum of Athens, which is an absolute must-see. Between the two, you have enough for a whole day.


Greece is a safe country. You have to be careful with pickpockets in big cities, on crowded beaches and cab drivers who may want to rip you off but, apart from that, there is nothing else to be afraid of. If you are traveling alone, it is probably one of the quietest European countries in that respect.

I traveled to Greece in 2007 through a ten-day package tour. We discovered Athens (at the beginning of its economic crisis), passed by the Greek theater of Epidaurus, the Corinth Canal, the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sunion and visited Olympia (where the first Olympics were held in Greece) and Delphi (with its mysterious temple of the oracle). A perfect trip for lovers of ancient history.

Due to the financial instability of the country, trains in Greece are very precarious and the state railway network is mainly based on the Athens-Alexandropolis (via Thessaloniki) and the Peloponnese network.

As in the case of Egypt, I think the best thing about Greece is its impressive history and for that reason, it is another of the few organized trips I have taken. To discover all the history of Ancient Greece, it is more appropriate to do it with guides and transportation in Greece, despite being a very touristy place, is still somewhat precarious.

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