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Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, one of the Greek islands. It was also the home of the first great European civilization, the Minoan and thus possesses some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. Crete…

You will travel to Mykonos a popular tourist destination in the Greek Cyclades islands, located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The travel package includes a total of 7 nights. The price has been determined with departure from Barcelona. The date of the trip…

Trip to Santorini, a volcanic island created by a huge eruption of a volcano in the 17th century BC. Today it is a beautiful volcanic island located south of the Aegean Sea. The whole island stands out for its colors, the white and blue…

Discover the Greek islands of Santorini and Crete. Santorini, with its white cube-shaped houses of the two main towns Fira and Oia, are typical of the island and are located on the slopes of the steep coast above a caldera …

Discover for 3 days the city of the gods, Athens, and Zakynthos for 7 days. This city has a very long and mysterious history that will let you travel back in time. Its culture, the beauty in art and architecture as well as the beauty of its…

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If you are thinking of taking a cruise in Greece to visit its islands, but you would also love to spend a day in its capital city, don’t worry. Generally, any ship trip, such as those of Costa Cruises, includes a stop in Athens. The city, although exquisite and full of life, has little to envy to the corners we list below.

Santorini. An obligatory stop on any cruise or trip to the islands of Greece. Its white houses make it one of the most beautiful areas for photography lovers. Apart from its beauty, Santorini has a route full of charm between Fira and Oia that we recommend you to visit. And if you like volcanoes, take the opportunity to approach the volcano of Nea Kameni and take a dip in the hot springs around it.

Mousakas. This dish, similar in appearance to a lasagna, is one of the most famous in Greece. Made with layers of eggplant, minced meat, potatoes and bechamel sauce, it is cooked in the oven and the result is spectacular.

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From Piraeus in Athens to the heart of the Aegean Sea you can hear a song, the song of ancient gods blessing the cradle of civilization, today formed by warm islands, ancient ruins and fairytale beaches. This group sea trip from Athens to Mykonos proposed by Horizonte Paralelo is the best excuse to get to know and enjoy an amazing trip with other travelers with similar tastes.

At 10:45 a.m. we will be able to attend the changing of the guard at the Parliament, to later enjoy the local atmosphere of Syntagma Square and the beautiful Monastiraki Square. Preamble for a fantastic immersion in the history of Athens.

We will cruise from the heart of the Cyclades Islands to Santorini. Upon arrival at the port of Athinios in Santorini, we will transfer to the hotel located in the best beach areas of the island. Afterwards, nothing better than touring the best corners of the island. In the afternoon we will visit Oia to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the Mediterranean. And perhaps, in the world.

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A few days ago I read a very interesting article about the current downturn in travel literature due to the proliferation of low cost travel, which allows you to travel often and cheaply to destinations that only a couple of decades ago seemed to us like aRead More

Greece is in the news again these days after the recent news of its referendum, which keeps it with one foot in and one foot out of the European Union. But politics aside, what is a reality is the need of the Hellenic people for tourism to come back fromRead More

Few cities in the world are as mistreated as Athens, perhaps even more so today, faithful to its tradition of suffering and long-suffering people (there we had the Spartans).These are difficult times for the Greeks, they, who were the center of the world.Perhaps that is why now is the ideal time for you to spend a few daysRead more

They call it Zamora but I prefer to refer to it as Samurah, which is how it was known to the Arabs who passed through here: you will not deny that the name is beautiful. The “turquoise city” that rises proudly on a hill on the banks of the Duero, just fifty kilometers from Portugal,

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