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>To reach the Greek island of Milos the best option is by ferry. This island is on the ferry route from the port of Piraeus in Athens to the Greek island of Santorini. In high season the frequency of boats is high. In low season they are less frequent.

Only the eastern half of the island of Milos can be visited by road.    The western part is a natural reserve of vipers. The discontinuous roads are not passable by private vehicle. The area of Kleftiko (in the western part), well known for its rocky landscape, is only accessible by sea. The most economical way to visit Kleftiko is to go to Kipos and there take the boats that make the excursion to Kleftiko. In red you have marked the places we visited. You can also consult the route that we did during 2 days by motorcycle and that I recommend you. We did not visit the area of Kleftiko. If you want to visit it, you have to count on spending one more full day on the island of Milos.

>Orthodox Church of Agios Haralambos: Majestic church located above the port of Adamas. It is the reference for the whole population, not only because it marks the hours, but also because that way you always know which stairs to go up to find your accommodation!

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We are on a beautiful island of volcanic origin, recognizable by the sea precisely thanks to its lava rock formations and black beaches, which are just some of the features that make Milos so recognizable. In fact, always famous for its natural beauties, the horseshoe shape has endowed the island with the largest bay in the neighborhood, which boasts more than 70 beaches, some accessible only by sea, overlooking a wide gulf.

Also not to be missed are Adamas, the liveliest area of the island with its beautiful promenade which, on summer evenings, is full of tourists strolling around after dinner, and Plaka, a charming postcard village, which fully represents the image we have of the villages of the Greek islands. A maze of narrow streets and white houses perched on the slopes of a hill, with a blue sea in the background, Plaka occupies the area where once stood the ancient city of Milos. Querendo, we can compare it to Santorini in miniature, only less mundane and less touristy, considered the best place to enjoy the sunset over the gulf.


The island of Milos was one of the Cyclades that generated us more expectations while we were planning our trip to Greece. Several friends who have the same taste as us when it comes to travel had told us wonders and after browsing through various corners of the Internet we were convinced that Milos should be on our route through Greece.

Of all the places we visited (Athens, Meteora, Mykonos, Paros, Milos and Santorini), Milos was perhaps the wildest and least exploited by tourism but we would also venture to say that this will soon change because of the magical places it has, perhaps becoming “the next Santorini”.

By ferry. It is the best option to reach the island either from Athens or from other islands of the Cyclades archipelago such as Paros, as we did. The trip was two endless hours because there were very bad seas but we finally arrived at the port of Adamas.

The island of Milos is still not very exploited in terms of tourism so finding accommodation can be really difficult. The options are scarce and availability runs out soon (especially in high season) so it is very likely that you will end up paying a lot for something that is not really worth it.


Milos and the Cyclades islands in general are connected with the port of Piraeus and Rafina. From Milos you can also visit the nearby Cyclades islands of Ios, Santorini, Kimolos, Naxos, Anafi, Amorgos etc.

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Starting your reservation through the system you can choose, if your tickets will be sent to your address or if you will pick them up from the port on the day of your trip, up to 2 hours before the departure of the ship, with the reservation code we give you, and your identity card.

It has been formed by volcanic eruptions that have given it the most impressive colors and the most interesting rock formations in the Aegean. Equally impressive and colorful are its beaches. The rocks and mines have been one of the most important productive sources of the island.

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