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Requirements for travel to greece 2022


What are the requirements to travel to Greece now? Do I need a PCR or is the vaccination certificate enough? It is normal that you ask yourself these questions, as we are in a time of many changes. Fortunately, the Hellenic country is one of the destinations where you can travel now. At IATI Insurance, as lovers of Greece, we are going to tell you everything you need to know so that you can plan your adventure and discover beautiful landscapes and corners with centuries of history.

It is expected that from May 1, 2022, all these restrictions will disappear. The use of face masks indoors will only be mandatory in certain limited cases. Greece wants to boost tourism at all costs this summer, so if you decide to visit, you will find an almost normal climate.

As we told you in Is it safe to travel to Greece, you should always drive with caution, but we advise you to be much more cautious in Greece. Forced overtaking is not uncommon and many drivers expect you to pull straight onto the shoulder so that they can overtake you. In addition, most of the roads are not in good condition.

Go to greece from spain

I am writing this series of articles two months after coming out of the silent retreat. So there are certain things that, even if I try to describe them now, I don’t feel the same as I did at the time, and my descriptions are not appropriate.

eople get scared and don’t know how to react, they feel uncomfortable if you cry in front of them. That’s why I went for a walk, alone. I dipped my feet in the salty water and watched how the sea urchins felt my presence.

I watched and watched. I hadn’t spoken or had any physical contact with anyone for ten long days and it was beyond me. I did not want to think. I didn’t want to talk (especially not in English, which was not my language). I wanted to be quiet again. Maybe I was not ready to go out, so quickly, “to the outside world”. It was hard for me to think that I had not made the right decision. I wanted to go home (like on the 1st and 2nd days of meditation at Dhamma Neru) and be able to hug my brother.

I wanted to embrace my brother. I immersed myself in the sea and my mind calmed down, finally. I could control how I felt and I did. I ate delicious Greek food for dinner and slept soundly. Everything passes and everything is impermanent and, precisely because of that,

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If you are considering where to travel to Europe now, you are in luck because Greece is one of the countries with its borders open to tourism and no pandemic-related requirements as of May 1, 2022.

As you can see, it is quite safe to travel to Greece and, moreover, you will find a climate of relative normality, as well as a tourism industry with decades of experience and prepared for these unique times.

Don’t want to wait for anyone else to join you or do you love to travel solo? No need to wait any longer! Traveling alone to Greece is safe and will be an experience you will never forget. Just follow the precautions you would have at home and avoid lonely places and the depressed neighborhoods we told you about a few lines above after sunset.

Remember that, due to the current situation, travel documents and requirements may change. At IATI we are constantly updating this information. However, we recommend always checking with official sources.

Requirements to travel to greece from spain

To avoid these situations and feel that it is safe to travel to Greece, what you have to do is to be cautious, always have your belongings in sight and do not get lost when you are making a visit. You should keep in mind that in a city like Athens, as in other European capitals, you can also find neighborhoods where it is better to stay away when it starts to get dark.

As we have said before, it is safe to travel to Greece in general. There are many travelers who can corroborate this information, but we still believe that you should keep these three points in mind during your visit to Greece:

It is clear that it is safe to travel to Greece, but as in any getaway to another country, it is best that you follow the recommendations of the authorities and that you are always aware of everything that happens around you. Greek citizens are usually open-minded people, so if you learn a word in Greek you will surely receive very good treatment from them.

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