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Greece is the country of ancient architecture, the Olympic Games, undisputed artists, literature and the study of history, politics, mathematics and science. To know and discover Greece, you will have to visit the places that marked the history of this country, either by its Greek Islands or by the most important cities, such as Athens.

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Today we bring you the definitive guide if you are planning to travel to Greece in 2021. The Greek country is the most recommended destination if you are looking for the perfect mix of historical sites, beaches and gastronomy.

The truth is that it is not an easy task to summarize in a few paragraphs the history of a country that is defined as “the cradle of Western civilization”. And it is to Greece that we owe central themes in our society such as democracy, philosophy or theater. But we do believe that before traveling to this country it is important to know how to place it in a historical context.

The two most important civilizations of ancient Greece were the Minoan, which arose on the island of Crete, and the Mycenaean, which was brought by the Achaeans, an Indo-European people who settled in the Peloponnese peninsula.

However, it was during the Archaic period (VIII B.C.-VI B.C.) when the Greek cities (polis) and the most characteristic features of their identity developed. The period of maximum political, economic and cultural splendor was reached during the Classical Period. During this period, the Century of Pericles (V B.C.) took place, when the Parthenon and other symbols of Athens were built. In addition, also in this stage the theater reached its greatest apogee.

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Greece is a safe country. You have to be careful with pickpockets in big cities, on crowded beaches and cab drivers who may want to rip you off but, apart from that, there is nothing else to be afraid of. If you are traveling alone, it is probably one of the quietest European countries in that respect.

I traveled to Greece in 2007 through a ten-day package tour. We discovered Athens (at the beginning of its economic crisis), passed by the Greek theater of Epidaurus, the Corinth Canal, the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sunion and visited Olympia (where the first Olympics were held in Greece) and Delphi (with its mysterious temple of the oracle). A perfect trip for lovers of ancient history.

Due to the financial instability of the country, trains in Greece are very precarious and the state railway network is mainly based on the Athens-Alexandropolis (via Thessaloniki) and the Peloponnese network.

As in the case of Egypt, I think the best thing about Greece is its impressive history and for that reason, it is another of the few organized trips I have taken. To discover all the history of Ancient Greece, it is more appropriate to do it with guides and transportation in Greece, despite being a very touristy place, is still somewhat precarious.

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To avoid these situations and feel that it is safe to travel to Greece, what you have to do is to be cautious, always have your belongings in sight and do not get lost when you are making a visit. You should keep in mind that in a city like Athens, as in other European capitals, you can also find neighborhoods where it is better to stay away when it starts to get dark.

As we have said before, it is safe to travel to Greece in general. There are many travelers who can corroborate this information, but we still believe that you should keep these three points in mind during your visit to Greece:

It is clear that it is safe to travel to Greece, but as in any getaway to another country, it is best that you follow the recommendations of the authorities and that you are always aware of everything that happens around you. Greek citizens are usually open-minded people, so if you learn a word in Greek you will surely receive very good treatment from them.

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