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Our guide full of tips for traveling by camper van or motorhome to Greece gathers the essential information to help any motorhomer to prepare a trip to Greece. This trip to Greece by van is an authentic and personal travel experience, from which we can talk about where to spend the night with the motorhome in Greece, how to drive on the roads, gastronomy and how to travel safely, among others.

There is always something that we would have liked to know and caught us by surprise, something that is not written and neither the travel guides tell… They are remnants of the experience, those that we sew during the trip, to finally weave a warm blanket. Here we lend you our humble travel blanket to discover Greece.

As in all trips to Europe, we recommend that you take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you when traveling to Greece. However, as the coverage offered by this card always depends on the agreements between our country of origin and the European country we are traveling to, we recommend you to take an additional travel insurance to complement the coverage and travel with absolute protection.

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Getting around the Greek IslandsTo tour the Greek islands there are several alternatives. Cruises of all kinds that call at different ports every day, flights that reach the main islands, exclusive ships with tailor-made tours or do it using the ferries on your own. My chosen way is to do it on my own, dedicating time to each chosen island. My advice is to focus on fewer islands and with a more in-depth tour than trying to do a marathon of islands without truly enjoying any of them.

4- There is no estimated amount of days, it is clear that knowing them in a short visit from a cruise is only to see a part (which often is not the best, nor the most leisurely) that give us an idea of what they are. The islands are very enjoyable to live them. I recommend a minimum of 3 days in each one you choose.

What to see and do in Athens . Visiting Athens and the must-see neighborhoods. Tour Plaka , Monistaraki , Psiri and the Roman and Ancient Agora. The Acropolis and the place to see the best sunsets . Escapes from Athens to the Corinthian Canal , Meteora or any nearby island.

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One of the most frequent doubts when we travel to Greece is if we will need to rent a car to move around the country. The main advantage of having a car in Greece is that we will be able to visit more things without depending on the buses, since sometimes they are infrequent or do not arrive to certain places.

Trains are a good option to move around Greece, although the state railway network has many limitations, due to the difficulties of the terrain and economic difficulties. However, Greece’s train system is gradually being revamped: in 2004 a new rail network, the Prostiakos, was opened, operating in Attica and adjacent regions. The route between Athens and Thessaloniki has also been renewed.

Moving by ferry depends closely on the weather and sea conditions, especially between the months of January and March. During peak periods, routes between Athens and the islands tend to be more frequent, while in winter, ferries depart only once or twice a week.

What to do in Greece

Here you have a selection of recommendations and tips for traveling to Greece that I wrote down during my trip: transportation between islands, how to drive on the roads of Greece, which route to follow, the mosquito issue, shoes to wear, maps, thieves in Athens, queues to enter sites, maps to carry on your mobile, best areas to sleep …

In short, all the recommendations for traveling to Greece that I would have liked to read before my trip and now I leave you here. You know, take paper and pen that I assure you that it will be of great help.

As almost during the whole trip we will have a rental car, one of the few moments where we will need to take a cab will be to go from the Athens airport to the center. In that case, you have the following options:

Whatever you do, any of these 3 options will bring you more money than taking a cab. However, if you are more than 4 people I would seriously consider the third one, mostly because from Syntagma to the hotel you will have to go on foot with the luggage, etc… as you see fit.

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