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We usually look at a lot of accommodations, looking for hotels or apartments with the 3 B’s (good, nice and cheap). Even so, there are some times that we give ourselves a tribute and look for a cool place to stay and sleep.

There are plenty of routes and islands to visit. Flying to Athens with a direct flight, or going directly to the Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini or Crete, are some of the options we consider.

Tip: As of today (January 2018), the entrance to the Acropolis costs 20€. It is best to buy tickets online. We bought it there and had to wait more than an hour and a half to get the tickets.

10€ gift when you activate your Bnext card. The best card for traveling, no commissions when withdrawing money from ATMs and with the best exchange rate. Register in the app through your mobile or computer and when you activate your card you will get €10 as a gift.

AirBnb: 25€ discount for your next reservation.  It is the second page of accommodations that we use, especially if we travel with a group of friends. Most of the accommodations usually have a kitchen, a very important extra if you want to reduce the cost of the trip.

All inclusive trip to greece from mexico

Greece is a country with a wide variety of accommodations. However, the price of each one of them depends on the place, the quality and the services of the same ones. Next I will tell you which are the cheapest accommodations in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, the four most visited cities in the country. (Click on each option or on the image below to see offers).

Greece, also known as the “cradle of civilization”, is home to beautiful monuments full of history that you should know. Below, I will tell you the costs of some of them so that you can consider them in your final budget. Finally, just click on each option to book tickets or go to the official website.

Cabs, on the other hand, have more expensive fares. For example, an average trip around Athens costs between 4 and 6€, and a trip to or from the airport costs between 40 and 55€.

After having read this information you can now put together your own budget. Below, you will find 3 sample budgets for your reference. Finally, remember to share it with your traveling friends.

How much does it cost to travel to greece from colombia?

It is true that in summer you have to be prepared for the heat. Athens can become oppressive (pollution + heat, bad combination), but on the coast and on the islands the sea cools the atmosphere and the nights are rarely too hot. As for the food, it is simple and delicious: top quality horticultural products and tasty grilled meats and fish (well, it is difficult to beat Argentina when it comes to meat).

Except in the middle of summer, in the tourist sites and on the islands in general, accommodation is easy to find (hotels, apartments or rented rooms, the traditional system of accommodation on the islands). In addition, bargaining is common, and usually (especially out of high season) you get good discounts.

I have been reading the opinions of travelers to Greece and I realize that besides knowing Greece well, you are a kind person who shares your experiences and that is invaluable, so I turn to you to express my comments and concerns,

Prices in Greece

Day 5 – METEORA-TERMOPYLAS-THEBAS-CAPE SOUNIO-ATHENS: Moni Megalou Meteorou at Meteora, Leonidas Statue at Thermopylae, Oedipus Fountain at Thebas, Temple of Poseidon and Temple of Athena at Cape Sounio, and return of the car at Athens airport. Overnight in Athens.

We hired the car at the end of May and, as with Rentalcars you have free cancellation, you can always cancel and hire again if you see that it is cheaper. The important thing is to make sure you get a car and a good price.

Taking out comprehensive insurance is an expense that depends on whether or not the traveler wants to take the risk. The Greeks have a very peculiar way of driving. From a road that has one lane one way and one way back, they create a third bi-directional lane on the line that separates the two lanes, while the cars in the other two lanes drive partly on the road and partly off it.

The extra insurance we took out was with Rentalcover. This can be contracted through Rentalcars (Premium Coverage), or directly through the Rentalcover website. In our case we did it through Rentalcover’s website as it was cheaper.

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