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Historically, Greece was the birthplace of philosophy and architecture. Today, its sights, natural beauty and welcoming people make it one of the world’s most popular destinations. Greece offers a multitude of activities, such as gazing at the majesty of the Acropolis of Athens, lying on a deserted beach on the island of Zante while baby turtles scamper out to sea, or talking about the day’s events with a refreshing drink in hand.

Greece’s historic architecture is truly spectacular. In Mistra, the capital of the Peloponnese in the 14th and 15th centuries, you will find beautiful medieval ruins surrounded by lush greenery. Meteora, founded in the 14th century, is home to six monasteries suspended on rock pillars.

But if you’re looking for a lively vacation, then visit Mykonos. Not only does it have stunning typical Greek architecture with the glittering sea as a backdrop, but also enough stylish places to hang out and keep yourself entertained throughout the day. Alternatively, one of the most beautiful color contrasts between land, beach and sea can be found in Myrtos, with its marble pebble beaches and blue waters.


2021: direct route from Budapest to Novi Sad and then to Belgrade is being built. The best option is to travel by train from Budapest to Zagreb and from Zagreb to Belgrade if you want to avoid changes and buses.

Important note: this direct night train only operates in the summer months from June to September. If this train is not available, you must travel from Belgrade to Sofia. And from Sofia to Thessaloniki. Search these train connections for details.

The overnight train offers one car with seats and one couchette car with 6 berths per compartment. The couchette car is recommended. Buy train tickets for 35 EUR. The supplement for the couchette is 8 EUR per person. There are usually enough seats and berths available even on the day of departure. Ask the train conductor to optimize the occupancy of the couchette compartments if you wish to have more space. Just be friendly.

Buy your ticket at a train station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket window. The ticket can be bought at a station in the country of departure, sometimes also in other countries.


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Those passionate about history, archeology and the sea will be delighted to take one of the flights to Greece and enjoy a country full of charm, with cheerful and lively people, good food and thousands of islands where you can enjoy the sun, nightlife or rest. Greece will always be a tourist destination par excellence that you will not be able to avoid. If you choose to fly, you will probably land at any of these three airports: Athens International Airport, Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport or Thessaloniki-Macedonia International Airport, since they are the busiest in the country. Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air and Ryanair are the airlines with the largest presence there.

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