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Depending on where we have chosen our hotel in Athens, we look for a way to get to the Central Market to make it our starting point, which is not bad to start with…what a crazy fun market!

From here, after a stroll through its alleys, we will head towards Syntagma Square, the nerve center of the city, the place where most of the protests of the people that we have seen on TV so many times against the political class take place.

To get here, we will have to walk along a pedestrian street that is one of the main commercial axes of Athens. Here we will find the most famous international stores and street shows. At the end of it we will find the famous Syntagma Square, which crossing it until the end we will arrive at the Government Palace, the place where the Greek Prime Minister works, and where you can see the curious changing of the Guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier… (watch out! Each shoe weighs 3 kg…).


Nuestras obras de arte tienen diferentes medidas y relaciones de aspecto. Cuando se trata de impresiones y reproducciones, siempre ajustamos la obra de arte al papel de la mejor manera posible. La producimos de una manera, como nos gustaría tener en nuestra propia pared en casa. No distorsionamos, ni apretamos, ni cambiamos la relación de aspecto, etc. para ajustarnos a un determinado tamaño de lienzo o papel. Producimos la obra de arte en el formato que mejor se adapte al tamaño que usted pidió. A veces puede ser necesario un tamaño ligeramente diferente para proporcionarle los mejores resultados de la obra de arte.

Magnífico grabado de un artista tan encantador. Incluso lo firmó y puso una nota dulce en la parte posterior. No pudimos recoger una pieza de arte local mientras estábamos allí, así que pedir una impresión fue nuestra opción. Estoy muy agradecido de haber ido con él y siempre recordaré mi tiempo en cinque terre. Ordenará más impresiones.

Una impresión preciosa de un artista tan encantador. Incluso lo firmó y puso una dulce nota en la parte de atrás. No pudimos recoger una obra de arte local mientras estábamos allí, así que pedir una impresión fue nuestra opción. Estoy muy agradecida de haber ido con él y recordaré para siempre mi estancia en Cinque Terre. Pediré más impresiones.

Sightseeing of Greece santorini

This list of places and things to see in Greece represents the carousel of beaches, cliffs, villages, viewpoints, sunsets, restaurants and temples that come to my mind every time I hear the word Greece. And it is just that, a carousel of images, what I come to pretend that you feel with this report, where I will go through with you, all those places we visited during our 18 days of travel in Greece that we believe are the best places to see Greece and that I’m sure will fill you with inspiration for your trip.

Hair standing on end, right? Grab a pen and paper because this article is not just a list of things to see in Greece, it is a list of emotions and places that will leave you, day after day, with your mouth open. Here we go!

I wanted to start this list of places to see in Greece with one of the surprises of our trip: the island of Zakynthos and the wonderful Cape Keri, where 100% white cliffs and the most celestial waters I have ever seen in my life left us speechless.


After our third trip to the Greek Islands, we have prepared this post of Preparations of trip to Greece, with the detailed guide and all the advices that can serve you of help to organize your route.

In this trip I have paid with the bank card because being Euro they did not charge me commission of change. I also took cash with me and in the end I had to withdraw money with the Bnext card so that I would not be charged a commission.

The truth is that we could not be happier with the exchange rate. Because the photos are spectacular and much more comfortable than the other one. In addition, it has Remote Control from the mobile and Wifi, so we can pass the photos to the mobile at the moment.

We have also updated the GoPro, which we had since 2014, for the GoPro 6 and we are very happy because the quality is amazing. We took the opportunity to buy the GoPro pack with the stabilizer and the Karma drone and the truth is that we are very happy. Recording with the stabilizer is amazing.

We hope this post has helped you to plan your trip. If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, you can leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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