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How to dress in Athens in March

They were made of linen, wool or byssus and later of silk, with few cuts and seams, and fastened with brooches or fibulae, and a belt or sash.[2] They were adorned with stripes like stripes and other embroidery, always with sobriety and good taste, giving preference to the colors white and green.

In general, the garments could be exchanged between men and women.[2] Although no garments from this period have survived, there are descriptions by contemporary witnesses and in artistic representations. They were usually made at home, and the rectangular, linen or woolen cloth was cut in various lengths.[5] Literally means the “garment that is made of linen or wool”.

It literally means the “garment worn underneath”, that is, directly over the body. The chiton was an endimata, which could be worn under the epiblemata. Other garments such as the peplo could be worn alone.[8] Often the excess cloth was placed on the body.

Often the excess fabric was placed over a girdle or belt called a zone (ζώνη), which was fastened around the waist[3] To distribute the bulk a belt was sometimes worn, or a cord was worn around the neck, under the armpits, crossed in the back and tied at the front.


Here you have a selection of recommendations and tips for traveling to Greece that I wrote down during my trip: transportation between islands, how to drive on the roads of Greece, which route to follow, the mosquito issue, shoes to wear, maps, thieves in Athens, queues to enter places, maps to carry on your mobile, best places to sleep…

In short, all the recommendations for traveling to Greece that I would have liked to read before my trip and now I leave you here. You know, take paper and pen that I assure you that it will be of great help.

As almost during the whole trip we will have a rental car, one of the few moments where we will need to take a cab will be to go from the Athens airport to the center. In that case, you have the following options:

Whatever you do, any of these 3 options will bring you more money than taking a cab. However, if you are more than 4 people I would seriously consider the third one, mostly because from Syntagma to the hotel you will have to go on foot with the luggage, etc… as you see fit.

What to wear to greece in may

Before packing our suitcase to travel to Greece, we are not sure what to bring. First of all we must make sure we have our passport or identity card, the details of the flights or transports we will use, health and credit or debit cards, cash and accommodation details.

– Electricity adapter: If you live in a country where the power is usually 110V, electrical accessories will not work in Greece as the power is 220V. There are adapters that will allow you to plug in electrical appliances and adapt them to the Greek sockets.

– Internet connection: If you want to connect to the internet using your computer, you will probably need a Modular Telephone Adapter for Greece, as many of the telephone sockets are old and very different from those in other countries. The new standard telephone sockets (RJ11) are prepared for the new telephone connections, but many older houses or hotels use old sockets. You can buy a very cheap RJ11 adapter in any store, even the hotel usually offers this service.

How to dress in greece

In this way, if we are going to travel in cruise by the Greek islands in winter, we must value that the average temperature in this zone of the world is of about fourteen degrees in this station. The minimum is usually around twelve and the maximum around eighteen.

Thus, when packing our suitcase we will have to take some light warm clothes to be able to enjoy the stopovers safely and with the best guarantees, without getting cold and without catching a cold, but taking into account that on sunny days we will be able to visit the islands with a thin T-shirt and enjoy the good climate of the Mediterranean.

It is also important to include some warm clothes because the temperature can be a little colder on the boat, especially if the wind blows. In addition, we cannot forget the importance of wearing good shoes if we are going to make this kind of trip and we want to make the most of the time of the stopovers to know all the corners of the wonderful Greek islands.

It is important to value that in the majority of cruises the gala nights are still made, so it will be important to take some clothes to be able to dress up if we are going to enjoy this type of event.

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