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To fully enjoy our trip through Greece by car , we rented a vehicle at the airport that allowed us to go at our own pace and to reach all those sites that we had in our travel plan.

It was not an easy decision but when traveling in the month of March, we thought that taking a ferry, to visit an island, was not what we most wanted, so we came up with our tour of Greece for 10 days on our own.

Of the many things to visit in Athens in 1 day , we visited the two most famous neighborhoods of the Greek capital and the famous Agora of Athens , Hadrian’s Library and other interesting places in the area.

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So nothing, grab a pen and paper, choose the Greece tour that best suits what you want to do and if you have it clear, book in advance because in Greece the cool things fly and you will not leave this blog without the whole trip organized as we did.

The first of the routes is a 7 day trip through Greece, which despite being a very short duration, I have tried to distribute the coolest places you can see in those days taking into account how little you are going to be in the country. I already predict that you will want to come back!

Here is the itinerary for Greece in 7 days that I would do, detailed day by day, where I have left a column with what to do each day and another one with the place where we will spend the night that day.

As we have a few days in Athens, for this second day you must see the Panatinaiko stadium and climb Mount Lycabettus. After this, we pick up the rental car in the city and head to Meteora (4h).

Roadtrip from Meteora to Athens. We get up early and the first stop on the way to Athens will be Delphi (3h). From there we will head to the Monastery of Osios Loukas (0h 42min). From the monastery to Athens we have 2h 12min. There we will leave the car and take a flight to Mykonos.


Greece has about 6,000 islands, of which about 200 are inhabited. You could spend a lifetime to visit them all! During our tour of the Greek islands we decided to focus on the archipelago of the Cyclades Islands, in the Aegean Sea, which comprises about 220 islands.Mykonos and Santorini are part of these islands, but if something was clear to us from the beginning is that we would not visit them in the middle of July. We needed tranquility above all else! And you don’t know how glad we were with our decision.

Days 2-4: Serifos IslandThe second day we headed to the port of Athens, Piraeus, to catch the first of the ferries on this trip through Greece. We began our Greek island route via the wonderful island of Serifos, where we spent a total of 3 days.        ►Serifos island guide: what to see, how to get there, accommodation and transportation.

WHICH GREEK ISLAND TO CHOOSEWe get the same questions very often:  – Which are the best Greek islands – Which is your favorite Greek island – Which Greek island to choose for a X days trip?  We, in addition to the 3 previous ones, have subsequently returned to Greece and have been to two more islands: Naxos and Koufonisia, for this reason, we have written an article with the 5 best Greek Cyclades islands, in which we tell you a summary of each of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and the days you have available.Koufonisia Island, Greece


To see Greece you have several options you can do it on your own following an itinerary like the one we recommend or you can do it in a closed circuit trip, we will also give you the possibility to find offers and trips to Greece for 1 week by agency. We will start with our ideal itinerary to see Greece in 1 week.

A must on any Greece tour is a visit to the capital. The first day begins with a visit to the most fascinating archaeological sites in the country. You can buy a combined ticket that allows you to visit the most famous for a cheaper price than buying tickets separately, the price of the joint ticket is 30 €.

Also visit Syntagma Square, where there is a changing of the guard in the Greek Parliament every few hours. Also take the opportunity to walk around the city at your leisure and enjoy the beauty of the city. Head to Mykonos to spend the night and get up early the next day.

One of the most spectacular parts of the guide is to visit Meteora, where you will find the spectacular monasteries of Meteora that stand out for being completely integrated with the natural landscape. The monasteries on top of the hills will take your breath away.

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