Greece travel itinerary 5 days

What to do in Greece in 5 days

Discover the wonders of ancient Greece with this inspiring itinerary. Stroll through stunning green olive groves and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty that Greece has to offer. Traveling by train in Greece can sometimes be complicated, but the beauty of the scenery makes it well worth it.

The city of Patras is famous for being Greece’s Gateway to the West and is the perfect place to start your train adventure. With a history spanning four millennia, Patras is home to many, many monuments from the time of the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires. Most notable are the Patras Castle that towers over the city and the ancient Roman Odeon, which in summer is used for concerts.

Among the more recently built attractions is the Basilica of St. Andrew of Patras, located by the sea. When you are admiring the Gulf of Patras, look to the right to see the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, which is 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) long and connects the Peloponnese peninsula with the Greek mainland.

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Five days in Greece is not enough time to see so many beautiful places. The numerous cultures and geographical features of the country are so diverse that it would be almost impossible to see all of Greece in one week; it would be like trying to see all of China in just five days.

In Greece, five days is enough time to explore Athens, the mainland, the Peloponnese or the main islands at your leisure. With famous archaeological sites such as the Acropolis in the city and many more in the surrounding area within a day’s drive, anyone interested in ancient history can spend some time in the Greek capital.

The best time to travel to Greece is in the spring months. The tourist season starts at the end of April and throughout the summer because the good weather allows you to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

We start the day visiting Syntagma Square in Athens. We move to the Panathinaikó Stadium. We crossed the Temple of Olympian Zeus to get to Makrigianni Street, full of bars and restaurants of typical food and we sat in one to eat. After lunch we went to the Acropolis, where we climbed up to the Parthenon. And we continued seeing Athens going into the Philopapos Park. We had dinner next to the Thissio subway.


With only 7 days to enjoy all the wonders of Greece, you will have to be selective in where you visit. It is advisable to tour three key areas for first time travelers to Greece: Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. From there, take your way to other popular areas with a lot of history and beauty, let’s start with this magical tour in Greece.

Greece has a lot to offer both on the mainland and on the islands. Logically it is impossible to see the whole country in one vacation, so the best approach is to pick a few places and spend a few days in each.

A week in Greece is probably enough time to explore a few islands, visit Athens and maybe do some day trips. Or you can visit Athens and a few other parts of mainland Greece, and maybe add an island. We have planned a tour starting with the capital Athens and including the more touristy islands of Greece.

If you are flying to Greece from abroad, the best start for your trip is to explore Athens, as it is the preferred landing site as the capital of Greece. Athens International Airport (AIA) is the main hub of the country.

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