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Getting around the Greek IslandsTo tour the Greek islands there are several alternatives. Cruises of all kinds calling at different ports every day, flights arriving at the main islands, exclusive ships with tailor-made tours or doing it using the ferries on your own. My chosen way is to do it on my own, dedicating time to each chosen island. My advice is to focus on fewer islands and with a more in-depth tour than trying to do a marathon of islands without truly enjoying any of them.

4- There is no estimated amount of days, it is clear that knowing them in a short visit from a cruise is only to see a part (which often is not the best, nor the most leisurely) that give us an idea of what they are. The islands are very enjoyable to live them. I recommend a minimum of 3 days in each one you choose.

What to see and do in Athens . Visiting Athens and the must-see neighborhoods. Tour Plaka , Monistaraki , Psiri and the Roman and Ancient Agora. The Acropolis and the place to see the best sunsets . Escapes from Athens to the Corinthian Channel, Meteora or any nearby island.

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About the choice of Crete, I would take it basically for price. It is cheaper to stay 6-7 days on the same island and take a car than not to change islands every 2-3 days. Besides Santorini and Mykonos if they are full of cruisers in summer, it will be overwhelming.

Hi Nuti. I’ve been surfing the internet all afternoon and your itinerary seems to be spot on, in fact it’s more or less what I was planning. I have also heard very good things about the island of Milos;) the doubts I am having now are whether to hire an agency that will take care of everything and not have to worry about anything or to do it on our own with a rental car, ferries, etc…

As for Athens, it is worth spending days there if you are going to see monuments, but the real beauty of Athens is its cafes and taverns. Strolling at sunset through the archaeological areas of Monastiraki to Placa, is very nice and if you document yourself well and look for places to eat not so focused on tourists, you will find very nice terraces, with very good food and the price you are looking for.

Itinerary for Greece in 8 days

So nothing, grab a pen and paper, choose the Greece tour that best suits what you want to do and if you have it clear, book in advance because in Greece the cool things fly and you will not leave this blog without the whole trip organized as we did.

The first of the routes is a 7 day trip through Greece, which despite being a very short duration, I have tried to distribute the coolest places you can see in those days taking into account how little you are going to be in the country. I already predict that you will want to come back!

Here is the itinerary for Greece in 7 days that I would do, detailed day by day, where I have left a column with what to do each day and another one with the place where we will spend the night that day.

As we have a few days in Athens, for this second day you must see the Panatinaiko stadium and climb Mount Lycabettus. After this, we pick up the rental car in the city and head to Meteora (4h).

Roadtrip from Meteora to Athens. We get up early and the first stop on the way to Athens will be Delphi (3h). From there we will head to the Monastery of Osios Loukas (0h 42min). From the monastery to Athens we have 2h 12min. There we will leave the car and take a flight to Mykonos.

Touring Greece

To fully enjoy our trip through Greece by car, we rented a vehicle at the airport that allowed us to go at our own pace and to reach all those sites that we had in our travel plan.

It was not an easy decision but when traveling in the month of March, we thought that taking a ferry, to visit an island, was not what we most wanted, so we came up with our tour of Greece for 10 days on our own.

Of the many things to visit in Athens in 1 day , we visited the two most famous neighborhoods of the Greek capital and the famous Agora of Athens , Hadrian’s Library and other interesting places in the area.

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