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To see Greece you have several options you can do it on your own following an itinerary like the one we recommend or you can do it in a closed circuit tour, we will also give you the possibility to find offers and trips to Greece for 1 week by agency. We will start with our ideal itinerary to see Greece in 1 week.

A must on any Greece tour is a visit to the capital. The first day begins with a visit to the most fascinating archaeological sites in the country. You can buy a combined ticket that allows you to visit the most famous for a cheaper price than buying tickets separately, the price of the joint ticket is 30 €.

Also visit Syntagma Square, where there is a changing of the guard in the Greek Parliament every few hours. Also take the opportunity to walk around the city at your leisure and enjoy the beauty of the city. Head to Mykonos to spend the night and get up early the next day.

One of the most spectacular parts of the guide is to visit Meteora, where you will find the spectacular monasteries of Meteora that stand out for being completely integrated with the natural landscape. The monasteries on top of the hills will take your breath away.


Greece and its ‘constellation’ of islands in the Aegean Sea, called by the ancient Greeks the Cyclades because of the circle they describe, is full of beautiful pristine sandy beaches, rugged cliffs caressed by crystal clear waters and, of course, archaeological sites from the origins of Western civilization.

For this day, we propose a half-day guided tour of the city, with which you can begin to know all the vestiges of Ancient Greece that Athens treasures, visit the Acropolis and other points of great historical and architectural interest.

Strolling through its streets and ruins you will be able to evoke the great thinkers who once inhabited this land and discover why Athens was chosen as a strategic point for the development of a civilization that changed the future of the entire continent. The proposed visit will bring you closer to the history of this city from its ancient inhabitants to the most modern times. You will visit the Panathenaic Stadium or Kalimarmaros, Hadrian’s Arch – tireless guardian of the Temple of Olympian Zeus -, the Parliament, Syntagma – Constitution Square, Omonia – Concord Square – and of course the famous Acropolis and the Parthenon, symbol of democratic Athens. Afterwards, you can continue to discover the rest of Athens at your leisure.


So nothing, grab a pen and paper, choose the Greece tour that best suits what you want to do and if you have it clear, book in advance because in Greece the cool things fly and you will not leave this blog without the whole trip organized as we did.

The first of the routes is a 7 day trip through Greece, which despite being a very short duration, I have tried to distribute the coolest places you can see in those days taking into account how little you are going to be in the country. I already predict that you will want to come back!

Here is the itinerary for Greece in 7 days that I would do, detailed day by day, where I have left a column with what to do each day and another one with the place where we will spend the night that day.

As we have a few days in Athens, for this second day you must see the Panatinaiko stadium and climb Mount Lycabettus. After this, we pick up the rental car in the city and head to Meteora (4h).

Roadtrip from Meteora to Athens. We get up early and the first stop on the way to Athens will be Delphi (3h). From there we will head to the Monastery of Osios Loukas (0h 42min). From the monastery to Athens we have 2h 12min. There we will leave the car and take a flight to Mykonos.


Welcome to Greece. This time we moved to the fascinating island of Greece, where we spent a week in August and visited three main cities (Athens, Mykonos Island and Santorini Island). In this article we show you the itinerary we made during our visit to the island and tips for your trip, we are sure we will come back to see more places as we wanted to discover much more…

How much time is necessary to see Greece? we spent a week in August and we saw Athens, Mykonos and Santorini having the trip very planned. It is not easy to plan the itinerary as Greece has an infinite number of interesting places to visit, if you can, we recommend you to visit Greece for two weeks so you can see more sights and go slower.

How to get from Santorini to Athens To get from Santorini to Athens you have two transportation options: by boat or by plane. Many times you can get surprises with the price.  As we have already mentioned, compare the price between the ferry and the plane. We took a flight with Volotea from Santorini to return to Athens.  We found in Volotea good offers both to go to Mykonos from Athens and to go to Athens from Santorini.

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