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After our third trip to the Greek Islands, we have prepared this post of Preparations of trip to Greece, with the detailed guide and all the advice that can help you to organize your route.

In this trip I have paid with the bank card because being Euro they did not charge me commission of change. I also took cash with me and in the end I had to withdraw money with the Bnext card so that I would not be charged a commission.

The truth is that we could not be happier with the exchange rate. Because the photos are spectacular and much more comfortable than the other one. In addition, it has Remote Control from the mobile and Wifi, so we can pass the photos to the mobile at the moment.

We have also updated the GoPro, which we had since 2014, for the GoPro 6 and we are very happy because the quality is amazing. We took the opportunity to buy the GoPro pack with the stabilizer and the Karma drone and the truth is that we are very happy. Recording with the stabilizer is amazing.

We hope this post has helped you to plan your trip. If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, you can leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.


To travel to Greece is to travel to one of the most complete countries in Europe in terms of activities that can be performed because it has everything, full of history and incredible landscapes. It has thousands of paradisiacal islands in the Mediterranean and has a multitude of archaeological areas and palaces.

If you are a good sun lover you can not miss a visit to its wonderful beaches. The most beautiful ones are found among its multitude of islands, standing out for their crystalline waters. Greece is one of the most famous countries for its set of islands, exceeding 2,000 islands, although there are only about 200 inhabited islands.

And among its 15,000 kilometers of coastline we find beaches of all types of sand and lengths. Beaches surrounded by cliffs, forests and white houses that combined with its blue tone gives us an impressive image.

One of the islands that has several of the best beaches in Greece is the island of Crete. Here you can find the famous beach of Elafonisi or the impressive lagoon of Balos, one of the most spectacular beaches.

Santorini greece

Today we bring you the definitive guide if you are planning to travel to Greece in 2021. And the fact is that the Hellenic country is the most recommended destination if you are looking for the perfect mix of historical sites, beaches and gastronomy.

The truth is that it is not an easy task to summarize in a few paragraphs the history of a country that is defined as “the cradle of Western civilization”. And it is to Greece that we owe central themes in our society such as democracy, philosophy or theater. But we do believe that before traveling to this country it is important to know how to place it in a historical context.

The two most important civilizations of ancient Greece were the Minoan, which arose on the island of Crete, and the Mycenaean, which was brought by the Achaeans, an Indo-European people who settled in the Peloponnese peninsula.

However, it was during the Archaic period (VIII B.C.-VI B.C.) when the Greek cities (polis) and the most characteristic features of their identity were developed. The period of maximum political, economic and cultural splendor was reached during the Classical Period. During this period, the Century of Pericles (V B.C.) took place, when the Parthenon and other symbols of Athens were built. In addition, also in this stage the theater reached its greatest apogee.


Greece, an ancient country, cradle of the Greek civilization and a place with one of the most important histories for mankind. Here you will find a travel guide to Greece with information, tips and details to make your next trip unforgettable, let’s start!

Greece is characterized by its countless historical vestiges of the Greek empire, where its name comes from, but you can also observe the evolution of its cities and how its culture has changed over the centuries. This is another country that should be on every traveler’s list, especially those who love ancient history. Below, you will find the most important details of this country.

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