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What to see and do in Athens . Visit Athens and the must-see neighborhoods . Tour Plaka , Monistaraki , Psiri and the Roman and Ancient Agora . The Acropolis and the place to see the best sunsets . Escapes from Athens to the Corinthian Channel, Meteora or a nearby island.

A scenic route exploring the Meteora Monasteries in Greece . How Meteora was formed , Where is Meteora and How to get to Meteora in Greece . The route of the viewpoints and monasteries in Meteora . Kalambaka and Kastraki where to stay .

What to see and do in Santorini – The best beaches in Santorini . A tour of the island and where to see the best sunset in Santorini . Fira , Oia , Imerovigli , Firostami , Akrotiri , Kamari . Where to stay in Santorini ?

What to see and do in Mykonos . The best beaches of Mykonos and a complete guide to know what to visit in this lively Greek island of the Cyclades . How to get to Mykonos and what is a must to visit .

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If you had to visit just one place in all of Greece, it would have to be the Acropolis of Athens. Located on top of a hill, 156 meters high, this complex of buildings served both as a defensive point and as the seat of the most important temples and places of worship. Inside you can find the remains of some of the most representative constructions of Hellenic culture, such as the Parthenon, which is the most important building and temple dedicated to the goddess Athena; the Propylaea, which are the entrance porticoes, the Erechtheion, whose most important facade is the Tribune of the Caryatids, in which you will find six columns of 2.3 meters high representing figures of women, or the Theater of Dionysos, located in the southern part of the hillside and in which 16. 16,000 spectators.

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If you are a lover of history and culture is a sin that you have not yet visited Greece, one of the countries that has had more cultural influence in the world. So, to find out why, you just have to come to know its territory and visit its fabulous archaeological sites, monuments and learn about its fascinating and ancient culture. Take advantage of this opportunity that Nautalia Viajes offers you.

One of the things you will enjoy the most on your trip to Greece will undoubtedly be the gastronomy. Being a Mediterranean diet, Greek cuisine is characterized by much use of cheese, yogurt, Greek sauce and a lot of condiments that will drive you totally crazy. Doesn’t it sound good? Well then what are you waiting for to book your trip to Greece for your vacation.

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No CommentsIs it your first time in Greece? Are you going to visit the most famous islands of the Aegean? Boy, I’m so envious of you right now. Both Santorini and Mykonos are two islands you surely want to cross off your travel list on an upcoming trip to Greece, right? Well, that’s perfect. In this article I’m going to tell you how to get from Santorini to Mykonos or vice versa.

19 commentsDon’t tell me you haven’t seen hundreds of times images of Santorini in paintings, posters and celebrity weddings. Santorini is probably the most famous island in Greece, the bad thing is that it is so crowded that in summer not even a pin can fit in it. If so many people visit this volcanic island for something, don’t you think?

6 commentsOne of the most popular Greek islands in the Aegean Sea is Mykonos. Known for being the Greek Ibiza, we found it a very coquettish island, with better beaches if you compare it with its neighbor Santorini and where if you want to party don’t worry because you will find good partying.

40 commentsHere you have just out of the oven the summary post with all the details of our trip to Greece. With this post I think we are going to help a lot to people who are organizing a trip to the Greek Islands. Above all, for the logistics, travel, which islands to choose and the time to spend in each one of them.

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