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Today we will visit the city of the Hellenic capital, Athens, which will allow us to observe the enormous contrast between the capital of classical Greece and the cosmopolitan city. As soon as you enter the Acropolis you will be able to admire the Temple of Athena Nike, the Propylaea. The beautiful geometry of the Parthenon will unfold before your eyes, the Erection, with its renowned portico of the Caryatids, the Pandroseion. We will also take a panoramic tour of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, the Parliament with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the neoclassical buildings of the University, Library and Academy, Hadrian’s Gate and the modern city of Athens, the Royal Palace and the Olympic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held. Rest of the day at leisure.

Free day on the magical island of Santorini, believed by many to be the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Enjoy a sailboat ride (included in the package) around the caldera, volcano and hot springs.

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What are the requirements to travel to Greece now, do I need a PCR or is the vaccination certificate enough? It is normal that you ask yourself these questions, as we are in a time of many changes. Fortunately, the Hellenic country is one of the destinations where you can travel now. At IATI Insurance, as lovers of Greece, we are going to tell you everything you need to know so that you can plan your adventure and discover beautiful landscapes and corners with centuries of history.

It is expected that from May 1, 2022, all these restrictions will disappear. The use of face masks indoors will only be mandatory in certain limited cases. Greece wants to boost tourism at all costs this summer, so if you decide to visit, you will find an almost normal climate.

As we told you in Is it safe to travel to Greece, you should always drive with caution, but we advise you to be much more cautious in Greece. Forced overtaking is not uncommon and many drivers expect you to pull straight onto the shoulder so that they can overtake you. In addition, most of the roads are not in good condition.

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Hello, I rented directly on your page, well actually I made a screenshot and sent it to your email with the price that I got on the web, they confirmed that this was the amount and expressly asked if the ferry and the return in a different office.

Hello, I rented directly on your page, well actually I took a screenshot and sent it to your email with the price that I got on the web, they confirmed that this was the amount and I specifically asked if the ferry and the return were in a different office.

It is one of the few companies that offer Super CDW insurance (SCDW) for a low price (12€/day) and an affordable excess without going to 1000 € per week of rental (sedan type car) without worrying about excesses or unwanted payments.

We are going to Albania from August 22nd to 29th. We want to do two excursions, Shala River and karaburun, but the schedule does not suit us and we are offered the schedule we want with boat up to 6 people, the rental of the boats is expensive for just the two of us. If anyone is interested because it goes on those dates let me know. Specifically, on August 23 we want to go to Shala river, to Karaburun on August 28.

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Syntagma Square: It is one of the most important squares of Athens. Here you will find the Parliament of Greece and the tomb of the unknown soldier. We advise you to witness the changing of the guard of the soldiers in front of the tomb.

What to see in Santorini is the most famous island of Greece formed from the eruption of a volcano. Known worldwide for its picturesque white and blue villages and spectacular sunsets.

Santorini is located in the southern Aegean Sea and is part of the Cycladic group of islands.    It is basically what remains of an ancient volcanic eruption that destroyed the entire island, causing the creation of the current geological caldera.

Oia is one of the most beautiful villages. It is the most famous village of the island, especially for its sunset, every day, around 19.00 h – 20.00 h, people gather at the castle to watch the sunset and live this experience.

It is best known for its lively nightlife but we can also enjoy its nature that makes a mixture with its white houses creating a very picturesque atmosphere and we can not forget its beaches.

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