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Depending on where we have chosen our hotel in Athens, we look for a way to get to the Central Market to make it our starting point, which is not bad to start with…what a crazy fun market!

From here, after a stroll through its alleys, we will head towards Syntagma Square, the nerve center of the city, the place where most of the protests of the people that we have seen on TV so many times against the political class take place.

To get here, we will have to walk along a pedestrian street that is one of the main commercial axes of Athens. Here we will find the most famous international stores and street shows. At the end of it we will find the famous Syntagma Square, which crossing it to the end we will arrive at the Government Palace, the place where the Greek Prime Minister works, and where you can see the curious changing of the Guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier … (watch out! Each shoe weighs 3 kg …).

Traveling to Greece on your own

Illusion. The illusion of preparing a long trip, to an unknown destination. We missed that feeling almost as much as we missed traveling itself. And this summer we have recovered it with Greece. And that was not entirely new to me, since in 2008 I had already visited its capital for a few days (although on this trip I got to know it much more as we explained in this post about our 3 days in Athens). But it was too short and, obviously, it was too little for me. This time, the goal was to travel much more.

At the time of our trip to Greece, the requirements to be able to enter the country, coming from other EU nations, was to fill out an online passenger locator form available on their website (registration required) and meet one of these alternative criteria:

Days before our trip, moreover, there was a very strong heat wave that caused even very serious fires, which made us hesitate whether to go to Greece just then… but with everything prepared we could not cancel already. Fortunately, although we obviously had high temperatures, they were more than bearable and we did not have to give up anything for fear of the heat.

Things forbidden in greece

Also, since there won’t be as many tourists the prices of accommodations and restaurants will be more affordable. On the other hand, November to March is the worst time to travel to Greece, as temperatures will be colder and many of the tourist attractions will be closed. Also many of the ferries that connect the islands also see reduced activity, so the advice to travel to Greece that we give you is not to do it during these months, as you may not be able to visit all the places you want.

The summer months are considered high season in Greece, as it is the time that receives more tourists. If you travel to the country during these months you will see how all the places of interest will be full of tourists, to which must be added the large increase in prices that can occur in accommodation, airline tickets and even car rentals.

Our advice to travel to Greece and know thoroughly the city of Athens is that at least you stay in the city about three days. Only with that time you will be able to know each of the places of interest that this city has. If you want you can combine your walks around the city with one of the tours or guided visits that are offered in the city, without a doubt the best combination. You should keep in mind that if you go to the country during the high season you will find long lines in many of the places of interest.

What is the cheapest time to travel to greece?

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