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Greece is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and attracts more than 30 million tourists annually. This is not surprising given that Greece boasts 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with a long coastline full of islands and beaches. To top it off, Greece is one of the most affordable vacation destinations in Europe.

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Requirements for travel to greece from argentina 2022

In parallel, Greek authorities have extended the restrictions in place for domestic flights and all other countries abroad until next Monday, the Greek news agency, ANMA, has reported.

All passengers arriving in Greece from abroad, who may be targeted for random testing, must keep the seven-day quarantine. If the test result is positive, the quarantine will be extended to 14 days. In addition, everyone will have to present a negative PCR performed at least 72 hours prior to travel.

Requirements to travel to greece from spain

Those arriving from countries on orange alert must prove that they have completed vaccination with one of the brands recognized in Greece and must also present a negative PCR test, carried out 72 hours before the trip.

This decision is part of a series of measures being taken by the Greek government to improve the prospects for tourism, which is the engine of the Greek economy and accounts for 25-30% of the country’s gross domestic product and workforce.

In the European Union as a whole, Iceland and Liechtenstein, where a number of countries or regions are still in red or orange status, the digital certificate, which is intended to avoid obstacles to travel, has been in force since July 1.

Requirements for travel to greece 2022

Greece has been one of the EU countries that has suffered the least from the impact of the pandemic, largely due to the measures imposed by the local authorities that managed to contain the advance of the disease effectively. Currently, the measures adopted by the authorities meet European Union standards and it is on the “white list” of countries where travel is possible.

A ministerial decree issued by the competent authorities of the Greek Government states that as of July 1, entry restrictions for foreign visitors are set as follows:

A trip to Greece and Macedonia in September that discovers the most unknown northern regions of Greece and Macedonia. We will explore the dizzying monasteries of Meteora. We will enter Macedonia through the placid city of Ohrid and the route ends near Mount Olympus N.P., already in Thessaloniki.

Greece announced on Friday (12/06) that it will fully open all its airports to flights from abroad at all its borders. All transit passengers will also be allowed from that date.

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