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Black Friday in the USA /It was no big deal/.


If you’re new to using Chromecast, we’ve got everything you need to know, including how to use Chromecast in your hotel room, how to cast video from your Mac screen, and which Chromecast games to play.

On-demand photo printing is so integrated into all the cloud photo storage services that it’s almost criminal not to use those summer vacation photos and personalize a photo book for everyone who came along.

A Lifewire favorite, @SeatGuru has the lowdown on the best seats for the plane you’re likely to fly on. For example: don’t expect to see much out the window in seat 10A on Delta flight 3729 from Nashville to Baltimore. SeatGuru reports “a misaligned window” next to this seat.

The departure and arrival time accuracy of airline apps can leave a lot to be desired. Keep them handy to track your boarding passes and miles, but let FlightAware handle departure and arrival times. Depending on where you live, real-time flight paths will even show the plane as it passes overhead. FlightAware is available for iOS and Android.

Costa Luminosa – Visita al barco

Mientras visita Londres, KY, reserve una habitación de hotel con nosotros para experimentar el máximo confort. Todas las habitaciones cuentan con acceso gratuito a Internet de alta velocidad e inalámbrico y un televisor de 50 pulgadas por cable con canales de películas. Además, un microondas, una mini nevera y una tumbona. Todas las camas tienen triple sábana.

Encuentre nuevos tesoros en el mercadillo Flea Land de London, KY. El alojamiento en nuestro hotel le sitúa a sólo ocho millas de la búsqueda de gangas. El mercado de pulgas de 80.000 pies cuadrados está abierto todo el año y tiene más de 500 puestos que venden de todo, desde objetos de colección hasta productos agrícolas.

The container ship COSCO Shipping Panama departs from Lebanon.

It was the second incident in a month involving a boat departing from Lebanon. The usual route by sea for asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa is from Turkey to Greece or Italy. But it is used less and less due to stricter surveillance by Greece and the European Union border agency,

The Greek Coast Guard said Tuesday that the suspected smugglers were traveling with 101 people on a motor yacht they found adrift last Thursday 120 kilometers (75 miles) southeast of the Aegean island of Karpathos. The suspects were Afghans, Iranians and Turks, he said.

On June 18, 166 migrants were rescued off Karpathos list in a precarious fishing boat sailing from Lebanon to Italy. The Coast Guard charged six people with migrant smuggling on that occasion.

Learn about the history of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

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