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When you think of your favorite vacation spot you surely think of a beautiful country, with natural landscapes, lots of history and monuments but also a time to relax, to party and have fun or just to lie on the beach and rest. Undoubtedly there is a country that has all that and we have it closer than we think: it is Greece, one of the countries with more gay tourism in the world.

Greece is considered one of the most important gay friendly destinations in the world, specifically the aforementioned island of Mykonos is the most traditional gay destination for those looking for fun, relaxation and incredible landscapes. The boom of cameras and social media makes Greece the best model when you visit it. Always have your camera handy, whether it’s your cell phone camera or a good quality one, and get ready to photograph the most incredible moments and sunsets you’ve never seen anywhere else.

Delphi: Delphi was a god who was considered the center of the universe. The archaeological site is already considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and you will love it when you visit it, because it is a must-see.

Gay relationship between a painter and a hero, ‘From the blue’.

Popular destinations such as Gran Canaria or Menorca have also grown in popularity, but if there is one place in the old continent that travelers themselves highlight as a gay paradise because of the magical atmosphere that reigns on the island, it is Mykonos.

This jewel, perhaps the most popular island in the Aegean Sea, stands out for its apparent tranquility, which at night is transformed into the most important gay party in Europe. In fact, they say of some of its discos that it is in them where the real gay party is really known.

Everything, in an apparently arid island, but surrounded by spectacular beaches, white houses, narrow streets and where it also highlights its monumental heritage with numerous churches. Mykonos is a place to relax, but also to party, an emblem for gay tourism.

As one of the exponents of gay bar in the center of Chora we find the Ikaros Gay Bar, in the square of Agia Kiriaki. It is a two-storey bar where every night there are shows and parties that reach the early hours of the morning. In a second space we find a more intimate and romantic area or to be after the show. Normally, the night show starts at 2 am.

Gay bars in Greece

Greece and gay life are linked in culture and history for a long time. The topic is very interesting and controversial, with many points of view and possible readings, but beyond that today Greece is a great destination for gay tourism.

Greece has always ranked in the list of gay destinations in the world, both because of its history and because for some time now some of its islands have become meccas of gay friendly tourism and gay life. Today, then, gay life in Greece.

If we are gay and want to enjoy a good vacation, go out to bars, sunbathe, go on excursions and meet people, where can we go, what can we do and where? In principle, gay life is not confined to the islands, as you might guess from the fame that some of the Greek islands have in the international gay community.  There is also plenty to do in Athens.

The gay scene in the Greek capital is not as flashy or obvious as in other cities in Europe, but it is a liberal city and of course concentrates the national gay community. The gay bars are concentrated in the Gazi area, but they are not so obvious. Here some of the most popular are BIG Bar, one of the first gay bars in Athens, Sodade2, with two dance floors and many bars, and Shamone, with drag shows and theme nights, for example.

More justice, less discrimination: Greece

Just like in the world of straight single travel, people looking for a LGTBI trip or GAY single travel, are looking for one more incentive, besides traveling and getting to know new destinations. The idea is to meet and make new friends with people with the same characteristics or tastes.

They are trips or experiences with the same characteristics as any other single trip. In many occasions, as a single agency, for the same destination two groups are created, it is about forming a single group (mixed) and a group of exclusive gay or LGTBI travelers.

In most of the occasions to these gay singles trips, come one or several friends, men and women LGTBI, that what they prioritize is the destination and the trip. So there is not much difference with the rest of destinations where there is no specific group of gay travelers.

On board a wonderful yacht, equipped, where you can contemplate the thousands of cetaceans that inhabit the crystal clear waters of this wonderful Red Sea, also for those who are not so used to the sea, will anchor at night in sheltered places so that those who are not so used to, can sleep well, watching beautiful sunsets.

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