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Camping on Board – Bari-Patras ferry to Greece!


From 01/04/2022 to 31/12/2022 it is forbidden the circulation on the island of Ischia of motor vehicles belonging to or driven by persons resident in the region of Campania, excluding those belonging to the population permanently resident on the island.

The following vehicles are forbidden to access, circulate and park on Formentera during the regulation period:-Rental vehicles, rented outside Formentera-Quads-Caravans and motorhomesRemember to arrange your access on the website formentera.eco.

Passengers are free to choose whether to travel in furnished cabins and provided with all comforts or on the contrary to opt for a more economical solution such as armchairs (reclining or fixed) or in any case the free seats that do not need to be reserved.

Mr Ferry will be able to give you a personalized quotation for groups with or without vehicles. If there are at least 10 people travelling, ask for our special rates by filling in the form you find here.

De Atenas a Mykonos en Ferry – Primeras impresiones

So and so. We asked for a ticket change which was never done and even though we paid 15 euros for their cost, as they asked us (while they assured us by phone that it was done) and also the ferry was delayed and we were one of the few who had no information so we went very early and had to wait endless hours at the port. I would probably not recommend it.

So and so. We asked for a ticket change which was never done and we paid 15 euros for their effort, as they asked us (while they assured us by phone that it was done) and also the boat was delayed and we were one of the few who did not have any information as a result we go very early and wait endless hours at the port. I probably wouldn’t recommend it.Read More

It’s been several years that we’ve been exchanging with the agency, especially with Mrs Loic Bonneau (exchanges in French). very friendly, courteous, attentive, exceeded our expectations… So thanks to Mrs Bonneau, as well as to all the team around her. You guys are awesome. I would highly recommendRead More


Moving between the Greek IslandsTo travel around the Greek islands there are several alternatives. Cruises of all kinds that call at different ports every day, flights that reach the main islands, exclusive ships with tailor-made tours or do it using the ferries on your own. My chosen way is to do it on my own, dedicating time to each chosen island. My advice is to focus on fewer islands and with a more in-depth tour than trying to do a marathon of islands without truly enjoying any of them.

4- There is no estimated amount of days, it is clear that knowing them in a short visit from a cruise is only to see a part (which often is not the best, nor the most leisurely) that give us an idea of what they are. The islands are very enjoyable to live them. I recommend a minimum of 3 days in each one you choose.

What to see and do in Athens . Visiting Athens and the must-see neighborhoods. Tour Plaka , Monistaraki , Psiri and the Roman and Ancient Agora. The Acropolis and the place to see the best sunsets . Escapes from Athens to the Corinthian Channel, Meteora or any nearby island.


In June and September, a mid-season surcharge of €15 is payable. In July and August, a high season surcharge of €25 is payable. 7 per person per ship, plus fuel surcharges.

From Piraeus to Paros – Naxos – Santorini – Amorgos – Ios – Iraklia – Shinusa – Kufonisi – Donoussa – Siros – Tinos – Mykonos – Anafi – Kythnos – Anos – Síkinos – Folegandros – Kymolos – Milos – Serifos – Ceos

For more information, please visit the Blue Star Ferries website and offers page. For booking information, call +30-210-8919800 or email: helpdesk@attica-group.com.

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