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The best time to travel is from May to October, however it is not always the cheapest, that’s why we recommend you to buy your services at least 12 weeks in advance. Check our organized groups, all inclusive tours and 2×1, as well as the cheapest prices flying with Turkish Airlines, American Airlines and pre-purchase discount.

Contract your trip with the best agency: In Travel Viajes USA we will provide you with the quality you are looking for in the whole process from the trip booking to your return, we also tell you the entry requirements for Americans, travel restrictions, and other additional recommendations for you to enjoy and make the most of your trip. Check out our cheap flight inclusive tours from the United States Miami, New York, Los Angeles.

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Greece is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and attracts more than 30 million tourists annually. This is not surprising given that Greece boasts 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with a long coastline full of islands and beaches. To top it off, Greece is one of the most affordable vacation destinations in Europe.

Buying travel medical insurance for Greece or any other Schengen country on a website called seems ironic; however, as long as we have travel insurance to visit the U.S., we also have travel medical insurance plans offered by U.S. insurers that insure travelers in Europe and meet Schengen visa requirements if necessary.

U.S. senior citizens who have Medicare coverage should purchase international travel medical insurance while traveling outside the United States. Good travel medical insurance is required since Medicare offers very limited coverage outside the U.S. International travel always carries risks.This is especially true for senior travelers and since the costs of medical evacuation and medical care outside the U.S. are high, it is prudent to purchase good Medicare supplemental international travel insurance coverage.

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Organizing a trip on a large scale, is an arduous task of data collection and organization of information to see more clearly and in detail, what places to visit, which areas are of most interest, even what negative aspects has that territory or what tips will help us to prevent corners of the city by which we should not pass.

For each person, the perfect Route 66 tour will be different, but we recommend the one we consider most ideal. We recommend you to know the Route 66 through our travel offer, with which we will discover the United States from Illinois to California, through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada during 17 days and 15 nights.

To enter the USA you must be fully immunized with the official vaccines recognized in the USA as well as in Europe and Canada (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Sinovac).

Our recommendation is that the minimum time to make the trip, counting the stops in Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, is 15 to 20 days. During our guided and solo trips along Route 66 we have encountered groups/families/travelers who had finished a stage by 13:00 in the afternoon. No matter how early you get up, even on short trips, it is normal to arrive at the hotel around 17:00 – 19:00.

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Travel in Europe is NOT cheap. I’m sure you’ll agree with me. If you’re starting to document for your next trip, you’re probably going to be in for a shock after finding out the price of accommodations in capitals like Amsterdam, London or Paris. Europe is definitely not for travelers with a budget of less than 30 € per day…

So that you can do your own math before you go, I have made the list of expenses with the typical costs of the things you will buy when you are there. So there won’t be any surprises… almost always unpleasant ones :/

Going to see a play at the foot of the Acropolis is priceless! If you are planning to travel to Athens soon, I recommend you to read my guide about the capital of Greece. I’ve lived there recently, so the information you’ll find is fresh, accurate and detailed.

So, how much does it cost to travel to Greece, how much money do you have, how do you want to travel, those are the two questions you have to answer to know your budget. All places can be cheap or expensive, as every traveler spends money differently. There is always someone who travels for less, and there is always someone who travels for more. For this reason I have created several different budgets to give you a more or less accurate idea of how much a trip to Greece costs depending on the way you travel:

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