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Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, one of the Greek islands. It was also the home of the first great European civilization, the Minoan and thus possesses some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. Crete…

You will travel to Mykonos a popular tourist destination in the Greek Cyclades islands, located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The travel package includes a total of 7 nights. The price has been determined with departure from Barcelona. The date of the trip…

Trip to Santorini, a volcanic island created by a huge eruption of a volcano in the 17th century BC. Today it is a beautiful volcanic island located south of the Aegean Sea. The whole island stands out for its colors, the white and blue…

Discover the Greek islands of Santorini and Crete. Santorini, with its white cube-shaped houses of the two main towns Fira and Oia, are typical of the island and are located on the slopes of the steep coast above a caldera …

Discover for 3 days the city of the gods, Athens, and Zakynthos for 7 days. This city has a very long and mysterious history that will let you travel in time. Its culture, the beauty in art and architecture as well as the beauty of its…

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Traveling in Europe is NOT cheap. I’m sure you agree with me. If you are starting to document yourself for your next trip, it is likely that you will get a good scare after knowing the price of accommodation in capitals like Amsterdam, London or Paris. Europe is definitely not for travelers with a budget of less than 30 € per day…

So that you can do your own math before you go, I have made the list of expenses with the typical costs of the things you will buy when you are there. So there won’t be any surprises… almost always unpleasant ones :/

Going to see a play at the foot of the Acropolis is priceless! If you are planning to travel to Athens soon, I recommend you to read my guide about the capital of Greece. I’ve lived there recently, so the information you’ll find is fresh, accurate and detailed.

So, how much does it cost to travel to Greece, how much money do you have, how do you want to travel, those are the two questions you have to answer to know your budget. All places can be cheap or expensive, as every traveler spends money differently. There is always someone who travels for less, and there is always someone who travels for more. For this reason I have created several different budgets to give you a more or less accurate idea of how much a trip to Greece costs depending on the way you travel:


Travel route to Greece in 2018Are you planning a trip to Greece and don’t know where to start?Don’t worry, with our guide and tips you won’t have to worry about anything. We tell you how to book cheap flights to Greece, where to find the best accommodations, how to get around the country and all the must-see Greek islands, visits and secret places you can’t miss in Greece.

Best time to go: Any time of the year is good to visit Greece. The best months to travel to Greece are June and September. Temperatures are milder and it is not as hot as in July and August.

How to get around: The best way to get around the Greek Islands is by ferry. We always book our trips with Direct Ferries, which shows you the best combinations by time and price.

Greece is one of those countries that has stolen my heart and to which I do not mind coming back again and again, because I feel at home, for its atmosphere, its gastronomy and the warmth and authenticity of its people. On this trip to the Greek Islands we visited the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, Milos and Zakynthos. In our travel diary to the Greek Islands in 18 days, we help you to plan the trip, to organize the route and we leave you the Guide of each island that we visited, so that you can see the essential and places that you cannot miss in the Greek Islands.


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