Cheapest places in greece to travel

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In addition to these 8 cheap destinations in Europe that I included in the list, there are other countries where I traveled spending very little and that fascinated me, such as Macedonia, Bosnia and Cyprus. Ukraine is another excellent and very economical option that few take into account, being in the shadow of Russia. If you leave the conventional tourist routes and get ready to know what there is beyond the big names, you will surely be pleasantly surprised. Continue planning your cheap trip through Europe with these articles:


We’ve already talked about the 10+1 most beautiful Greek islands, now it’s time to find out which are the cheapest places. So you can start organizing the perfect vacation, also for your wallet.

Thanks to the rise of low cost flights and all-inclusive packages, Kos is booming as a tourist destination. Although the first impression may lead you to think that the island is not very authentic and that the capital is a “standardized city”, this feeling is compensated by the beauty of the beaches of Kos. Kardamena, Kefalos, the natural hot springs, the archaeological remains and the attractive prices for sleeping, eating, moving around and having fun are outstanding. In addition, Turkey is only an hour away by ferry and visiting Bodrum is a very pleasant trip.

Fortunately, tour operators only know part of the potential of the volcanic island of Milos, a real gem that can be reached by plane from Athens. With its 72 beaches (some hidden ones accessible only by boat), the whole western part considered a nature reserve, the cliffs, the caves and the enigmatic lunar landscapes (don’t miss the white Sarakiniko rocks), Milos comes to travelers as one of the best secrets of the Aegean. And the best thing is that the prices of hotel rooms are quite low! To see the best beaches, go to the south coast, for example, to Firiplaka, with its delicate shades of color and white rocks.

Cheapest places in Greece

Greece is a country with a wide variety of accommodations. However, the price of each one of them depends on the location, quality and services. Next I will tell you which are the cheapest accommodations in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, the four most visited cities in the country. (Click on each option or on the image below to see offers).

Greece, also known as the “cradle of civilization”, is home to beautiful monuments full of history that you should know. Below, I will tell you the costs of some of them so that you can consider them in your final budget. Finally, just click on each option to book tickets or go to the official website.

Cabs, on the other hand, have more expensive fares. For example, an average trip around Athens costs around 4 and 6€, and a trip to or from the airport costs between 40 and 55€.

After having read this information you can now put together your own budget. Below, you will find 3 sample budgets for your reference. Finally, remember to share it with your traveling friends.


Cradle of artists and pilgrimage center for the Greeks, Tinos is a quiet island full of charm. Among its more than 200 temples, the church of Panagia Megalochari, in Chora, the capital, which houses the Virgin of Tinos -the Hellenic patron saint- stands out. If you visit the island, you can enjoy its countless quiet beaches away from the crowds, such as Ioannis.

Unlike the Cyclades, Poros, located in the Saronic Gulf, is an island endowed with abundant vegetation and endless beaches next to pine forests. The best known are those of Neorio and Askeli, Love Bay and Monastiri. If in addition to enjoying the sea you want to discover the island, you should visit the capital, where you will find numerous neoclassical buildings, or Korizis, in whose archaeological museum you can admire the remains of the sanctuary of Poseidon.

The colors illuminate Milos, a beautiful island with a reputation for having the best beaches in the Aegean. There are beaches for all tastes: long beaches like Provatas, rocky beaches like Kleftiko or Firiplaka, and others like Sarakiniko, which surprises with its lunar landscape. If you travel to Milos you can not miss the opportunity to visit Klima, a tiny fishing village nestled in the rock with colorful houses, or the capital, Plaka, where you will find the replica of the Venus found on the island.

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