Can you travel to greece with a felony

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g) forced marriage; Article 336, when the victim is a minor (crimes against sexual freedom or sexual exploitation); Article 339, paragraphs 1 and 3 (sexual acts involving minors or with their presence); Article 342, paragraph 1 (sexual abuse of minors); Article 348 bis (child pornography); Article 348 ter (solicitation of minors for sexual purposes); Article 348 quater (dissemination of pornographic images of minors); and Article 351 bis (sexual acts with minors in exchange for money).

For any intentional crime involving physical violence or the threat of physical violence and resulting in death or serious physical or mental injury to the victim, and for any intentional crime involving physical violence or the threat of physical violence and punishable by a higher custodial sentence (κάθειρξη).

Since January 1, 2010, employees of detention centers who are victims of malicious acts of violence resulting in disability or serious deformity and committed on Greek territory are granted permanent sick leave until the relevant medical committee determines that they are fit for work.


Fátima Caballero reports this Tuesday on the alleged conspiracy of the hospital Enfermera Isabel Zendal in Madrid, fed for months by the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and her entire government.

The Portuguese government has offered to help Germany to treat coronavirus patients in view of the pandemic situation in the Central European country, by sending doctors or to receive German patients in Portuguese hospitals.

The Portuguese Foreign Ministry has confirmed to EFE that Portugal “expressed its willingness” to help and that the German authorities are studying the type of assistance they might need from the Portuguese Armed Forces or the Portuguese National Health Service.

This new rule will apply to indoor venues without seating capacity that have a seating capacity of more than 500 people, outdoor venues that have a standing capacity of 4,000 people and any other space to which more than 10,000 people have access.

This means that the venues affected by this decision are mainly discotheques, those of major sporting events, dance floors or other nightlife venues. For now, only proof of two doses of the vaccine will be required, but this will be subject to review, as mass vaccination of the booster dose has already begun.

They were excited to adopt a child. Then, in court

The law of this nationality is based on the legal concepts of ius sanguinis and ius soli. In other words, generally a person acquires Greek citizenship if at least one of his or her parents is a Greek citizen, regardless of the place of birth, or by being born in Greece to foreign parents fulfilling certain requirements. All Greek citizens are automatically citizens of the European Union.

Foreigners graduated from Greek universities or technical colleges, and with the willingness to practice the profession in the country, are entitled to obtain Greek citizenship, depending on the exercise and maintenance of the degree in Greece.

Foreigners of Greek origin, admitted to military academies as officers or non-commissioned officers of the Greek armed forces (in accordance with the special law governing each school) or who have enlisted in the armed forces as volunteers (in accordance with the law governing each branch), acquire Greek citizenship automatically upon admission to the academies or at the time of enlistment.[1][2

Shipment of goods by parcels from the border region to the

IOM also warned that refugees and migrants who moved out of necessity were particularly affected by these restrictions and millions have found themselves stranded far from their homes and at risk.

At the same time, Eritreans who came to Ethiopia fleeing violence in their country were soon caught up in the fighting in Tigray: in March, satellite images showed that camps housing thousands of these refugees had been completely razed to the ground and all humanitarian aid facilities looted and vandalized. UN aid workers were unable to access the refugees until August, when they delivered urgently needed relief supplies.

The head of the migration agency, António Vitorino, warned in November that conflict, extreme poverty and weather-related emergencies had brought the country to the brink of collapse.

In October, UNHCR called on the Libyan government to immediately address the plight of asylum seekers and refugees in a humane manner, in line with international human rights law.

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