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Our guide full of tips for traveling by camper van or motorhome to Greece gathers the essential information to help any camper to prepare a trip to Greece. This trip to Greece by van is an authentic and personal travel experience, from which we can talk about where to spend the night with the motorhome in Greece, how to drive on the roads, gastronomy and how to travel safely, among others.

There is always something that we would have liked to know and caught us by surprise, something that is not written and neither the travel guides tell… They are remnants of the experience, those that we sew during the trip, to finally weave a warm blanket. Here we lend you our humble travel blanket to discover Greece.

As in all trips to Europe, we recommend that you take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you when traveling to Greece. However, as the coverage offered by this card always depends on the agreements between our country of origin and the European country we are traveling to, we recommend you to take an additional travel insurance to complement the coverage and travel with absolute protection.

15 things to see and do in santorini, greece travel guide

No CommentsIs it your first time in Greece? Are you going to visit the most famous islands of the Aegean? Boy, am I envious of you right now. Both Santorini and Mykonos are two islands you surely want to cross off your travel list on an upcoming trip to Greece, right? Well, that’s perfect. In this article I’m going to tell you how to get from Santorini to Mykonos or vice versa.

19 commentsDon’t tell me you haven’t seen hundreds of times images of Santorini in paintings, posters and celebrity weddings. Santorini is probably the most famous island in Greece, the bad thing is that it is so crowded that in summer not even a pin can fit in it. If so many people visit this volcanic island for something, don’t you think?

6 commentsOne of the most popular Greek islands in the Aegean Sea is Mykonos. Known for being the Greek Ibiza, we found it a very coquettish island, with better beaches if you compare it with its neighbor Santorini and where if you want to party don’t worry because you will find good partying.

40 commentsHere you have just out of the oven the summary post with all the details of our trip to Greece. With this post I think we are going to help a lot to people who are organizing a trip to the Greek Islands. Above all, for the logistics, travel, which islands to choose and the time to spend in each of them.

Good and bad things about traveling to Mykonos Island (Greece)

If you are considering where to travel to Europe now, you are in luck because Greece is one of the countries with its borders open to tourism and no pandemic-related requirements as of May 1, 2022.

As you can see, it is quite safe to travel to Greece and, moreover, you will find a climate of relative normality, as well as a tourism industry with decades of experience and prepared for these unique times.

Don’t want to wait for anyone else to join you or do you love to travel solo? No need to wait any longer! Traveling alone to Greece is safe and will be an experience you will never forget. Just follow the precautions you would have at home and avoid lonely places and the depressed neighborhoods we told you about a few lines above after sunset.

Remember that, due to the current situation, travel documents and requirements may change. At IATI we are constantly updating this information. However, we recommend always checking with official sources.

Athens Greece What to see and do in Athens in 1 day

Greece is a member country of the European Union and a party to the Schengen Treaty. These two capacities determine the visa requirements for foreign citizens wishing to visit Greece.

4. Canadian citizens, those traveling with a valid Canadian passport, do not need a visa to visit Greece. They may enter the country and stay for up to three months. The passport must be valid for at least three months from the date of their intended departure from the country.

5. Citizens of other countries should contact the Greek consular authorities in Canada and ask whether or not they need a visa. Please contact the Greek consulates well in advance of your scheduled visit to (or transit through) Greece.

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