Can i travel to greece without a vaccine



In the future, the digital vaccination certificate will be issued progressively at the site of the second vaccination, i.e. in doctors’ offices and vaccination centers, and also, as soon as possible, in company doctors’ offices. A QR code with the corresponding data is generated at the vaccination site. The vaccinated persons can scan this code directly or take it with them to be scanned later, if necessary. The digital vaccination certificate can be stored on the cell phone via the free Corona-Warn-App and the free CovPass-App of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The certificate shows that you have full protection from the vaccine 14 days after completion of the vaccination series.

It is also possible for the QR code to be issued at a later date at pharmacies or doctors’ offices. Pharmacies have been offering this service since mid-June. Many federal states are currently exploring the possibility of providing the QR code automatically by mail or through online portals to those who have already been fully vaccinated at vaccination centers.

Italy wants to welcome foreign tourism

What are the requirements to travel to Greece now, do I need a PCR or is the vaccination certificate enough? It is normal that you ask yourself these questions, as we are in a time of many changes. Fortunately, the Hellenic country is one of the destinations where you can travel now. At IATI Insurance, as lovers of Greece, we are going to tell you everything you need to know so that you can plan your adventure and discover beautiful landscapes and corners with centuries of history.

It is expected that from May 1, 2022, all these restrictions will disappear. The use of face masks indoors will only be mandatory in certain limited cases. Greece wants to boost tourism at all costs this summer, so if you decide to visit, you will find an almost normal climate.

As we told you in Is it safe to travel to Greece, you should always drive with caution, but we advise you to be much more cautious in Greece. Forced overtaking is not uncommon and many drivers expect you to pull straight onto the shoulder so that they can overtake you. In addition, most of the roads are not in good condition.

Traveling without vaccinations: These countries eliminated sanitary requirements.

** Remember that the measures and restrictions established by each country change constantly and sometimes without prior notice. Therefore, we always recommend contacting directly with the corresponding embassies or, in case you want to travel with Viajes Bilbao Express, with one of our travel experts to receive updated advice on the current situation. The information presented here should be taken as a reference, and not as official information.

Since April 1st, all those travelers who have already been vaccinated at least 8 days before entering the Faroe Islands, will be allowed access without quarantine. Those who are not vaccinated will be obliged to be in isolation for 5 days (counting the day of arrival).    However, even for those who have received the doses corresponding to their vaccination, a PCR test (about 40€) will be mandatory upon arrival in the Faroe Islands. In this link you can access the official information from the Faroese government.

How effective is the Covid-19 single-agent vaccine?

For boarding it is necessary to complete a flight form or otherwise obtain a passenger locator, present a negative PCR test taken no later than 72 hours prior to arrival in the country or otherwise present the complete vaccination certificate for AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik. If you have received the Janssen, 14 days must have elapsed. On arrival, if you are not vaccinated, you must repeat the PCR at your own expense. No quarantine is required. More information.

Certificate of complete vaccination and at least 14 days after the final dose. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated may enter with a negative PCR or antigen test. If this is not provided, it can also be done upon arrival, but it implies a self-quarantine until the test result is received. Travelers who have overcome the virus and present a medical certificate that certifies it with a maximum of 180 days after having passed the disease can also enter. More information.

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