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I already told you in my article about what to see in Italy in 30 days, the Mediterranean countries have so many things to visit. Ruins of ancient civilizations, incredible landscapes, cities with narrow streets, palaces and castles, etc?

Greece and Turkey are no exception. Among the things to visit in Greece is the Acropolis of Athens, one of the great wonders of the ancient world that remain today, the Sanctuary of Zeus or the Oracle of Delphi among other options.

In both countries there are many other places to see, but I think this option I propose is very interesting. I can also prepare trips to other areas of these countries, just tell me what your tastes and interests are.

As we have few days to share between Greece and Turkey, I have selected the most important parts of mainland Greece. In this itinerary we will visit Athens and the Peloponnese, the most important peninsula of Greece since classical times.

Instead of the Peloponnese we can substitute other options in its islands such as Mykonos if we are looking for a party, Santorini or even Rhodes, with its completely walled medieval capital and next to the Turkish coast.

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The Bosphorus is a strait that divides Turkey into two parts, separates the European part of the Asian part, sailing through the Bosphorus you will cross two continents to see the city from another perspective. On the tour you will find palaces, fortresses and walls of the Ottoman era, in addition to contemplate the city of Istanbul in all its splendor.

Turkish food is a mixture of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. One of the most important and traditional dishes of Turkish gastronomy is the kebab, a kind of meat stew in a ceramic container that is broken to serve.

One of the most popular is the “Grand Bazaar of Istanbul”, which is one of the largest and oldest markets in the world. You will be impressed with everything there: clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, souvenirs, post office, banks, exchange houses, cafes and restaurants.

It has more than 3,600 stores, 22 entrance gates and more than 10,000 people work there. It is visited daily by a huge number of people, so it is important to take basic safety precautions.

Best time to travel to santorini

The first, known as the cradle of Western civilization, preserving a significant part of the history of mankind, and the second, agglutinator of rich Eastern traditions and possessor of a style that distinguishes it among countries and continents.

But before embarking on this adventure we advise you to know, through this article, what is the best time to travel to Greece and Turkey, and thus avoid major setbacks in your trip.

As for the cost of a vacation in Greece, package tours reach high sums, so it is more economical to book accommodation, places to eat and recreational sites, separately, and according to your budget.

The first steps in philosophy, the development of arts and literature, a fascinating mythology and the most autochthonous European customs are just some of the interesting knowledge you will discover during your stay in Greece.

The months between March and October are suitable, especially if you are interested in visiting Istanbul and the Mediterranean coast. On the other hand, the interior of the Anatolian plateau and Cappadocia, present better weather conditions between April and June, and from September to October. July and August are characterized by high and sweltering temperatures, however, many tourists choose these months to make their trip.

Greece and Turkey 2022 Packages

Hello friends, I have some doubts about the best time to travel to Turkey. We are between the month of May/June or September. The question is if any of these months is low season, that is with better costs and the weather is not so bad…. (…)

Hello friends, I have some doubts about the best time to travel to Turkey. We are between the month of May/June or September. The question is if any of these months is low season, that is with better costs and the weather is not so bad…. See More

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Best Time To Travel To Turkey. … The winter months, except for the Christmas and New Year period, are not very lively in Turkey. Istanbul looks super nice under the snow but I can tell you that getting around in Istanbul when there is snow is not so easy. See more

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