Best time of year to travel to italy and greece

Best time to travel to italy


The first, known as the cradle of Western civilization, preserving a significant part of the history of mankind, and the second, agglutinator of rich Eastern traditions and possessor of a style that distinguishes it among countries and continents.

But before embarking on this adventure we advise you to know, through this article, what is the best time to travel to Greece and Turkey, and thus avoid major setbacks in your trip.

As for the cost of a vacation in Greece, package tours reach high sums, so it is more economical to book accommodation, places to eat and recreational sites, separately, and according to your budget.

The first steps in philosophy, the development of arts and literature, a fascinating mythology and the most autochthonous European customs are just some of the interesting knowledge you will discover during your stay in Greece.

The months between March and October are suitable, especially if you are interested in visiting Istanbul and the Mediterranean coast. On the other hand, the interior of the Anatolian plateau and Cappadocia, present better weather conditions between April and June, and from September to October. July and August are characterized by high and sweltering temperatures, however, many tourists choose these months for their trip.

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The information on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Please check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

The celebration of Christmas lasts until Epiphany, January 6, when La Befana is celebrated. Celebrations vary from city to city, with special highlights in Venice and Urbania in the Marche region. January is a great month for skiing in Italy, as many of the best resorts in the Alps and Dolomites are less crowded than in high season. On January 17, the feast of St. Anthony Abbot is celebrated in many towns in the north and center of the country. Bonfires, dances and toasts set the mood for the feast of the patron saint of butchers, domestic animals, basket makers and gravediggers.

In February, temperatures begin to rise, but it is still too early to put away your coat. The ski season reaches its peak coinciding with the school vacations, so the slopes are crowded. Temperatures range from 0°C in the Alps in the north to 15°C in the sunnier south.

Best time to travel to greece and turkey

It is the favorite season for visitors and therefore it is high season (Europeans usually have vacations in these months as well). So if you travel in summer you should keep in mind that it will be the most expensive time and that there will be a lot of people in most places. Anyway, it is the ideal time to enjoy walks, strolls and the sea in coastal cities such as Nice or Barcelona. We recommend you to buy tickets to parks, museums and functions in advance.

As you might guess, the best advantage is that being low season you will not find many tourists in the streets, and it will be cheaper to travel (you can even leave space in your luggage to buy products that are on sale). However, it is good that you are used to the cold, don’t forget to take pictures of the places and beautiful buildings full of snow! And why not take a chance to learn a new sport; Europe has some of the best ski resorts in the world.

Tell us what else you would like to know about your trip to Europe and remember to take out your Schengen travel assistance with 30 thousand dollars of medical assistance coverage, as it is mandatory for this destination.

When it’s summer in greece

You may be organizing a tourist trip and you don’t know what your next destination will be. If you are hesitating whether to visit Italy or Greece, I invite you to keep reading carefully this post, because here you will find many different options so you can make sure you know the strengths of both destinations and thus make a wise decision.

As a piece of advice, if you have time to visit both it is worth doing it, because this way you can be sure to have a great experience. But if you must decide between one or the other, you should look at the following points to make a good decision:

There are several key points that will allow you to decide on Italy, especially if you want to make the most of your sightseeing visit. The strong points of a visit to Italy will be the following:

As you can see, there are many reasons why visiting Italy can be a great option for a vacation full of history. It is a great option to learn more about the history of mankind and enjoy a trip like no other.

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