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Greece, sheltered in the eastern Mediterranean, is made up of a peninsula of rugged coasts and some 2,000 islands, although less than 200 of them are inhabited. The names of its regions and geographical features – Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Attica or the Peloponnese – evoke a mythical and glorious past. The highest peak is Mount Olympus, whose summit is often hidden by clouds and mists from the sea, hence the fantasy of the ancient Greeks to place the abode of the gods there. Athens, the somewhat chaotic and noisy capital, crowned by the ruins of the Acropolis, is an essential stop for fans of archeology and ancient art, who find everywhere memories of the formidable polis that was and extraordinary masterpieces in its museums.

The lack of railway communications is compensated by a good network of local and long-distance bus lines. If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car in the main tourist towns and at the airports. It has become customary for many travelers to rent motorcycles to move freely around the islands, or simply to find a different beach every day.

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A SUMMARY OF THE GREEK ISLANDS TO PLAN YOUR TRIPTo reach the Greek islands is to breathe another air, seas that surround a country that is history, beginning, civilization and culture that transcends. Between the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea there is an inexact number of islands and islets that would exceed 6000. With different archipelagos between the two seas and more than 220 inhabited islands creates paradise and magic that is not reduced to a couple of iconic and famous islands. The choice becomes increasingly difficult to know all the possibilities offered by these seas.

2- Naxos: tranquility and beauty in a historic center that is a balm of peace and relaxation. Its white houses, the bungavillas and the villages of the island. The best beaches: Hawaii Beach and Aliko Beach. See the complete and detailed article with the complete tour of the island and its beaches: WHAT TO SEE AND DO IN NAXOS.3- Paros: Parikia and Naousa are full of charm. The island is populated with windmills, charming villages and towns (especially Prodromos) in the neighboring Anti Paros an unmissable cave is another destination, spectacular beaches and the most Chic center of the area. See the complete and detailed article with the complete tour of the island and its beaches: WHAT TO SEE AND DO IN PAROS.

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To travel to Greece is to travel to one of the most complete countries in Europe in terms of activities that can be done because it has everything, full of history and incredible landscapes. It has thousands of paradisiacal islands in the Mediterranean and has a multitude of archaeological areas and palaces.

If you are a good sun lover you can not miss a visit to its wonderful beaches. The most beautiful ones are found among its multitude of islands, standing out for their crystalline waters. Greece is one of the most famous countries for its set of islands, exceeding 2,000 islands, although there are only about 200 inhabited islands.

And among its 15,000 kilometers of coastline we find beaches of all types of sand and lengths. Beaches surrounded by cliffs, forests and white houses that combined with its blue tone gives us an impressive image.

One of the islands that has several of the best beaches in Greece is the island of Crete. Here you can find the famous beach of Elafonisi or the impressive lagoon of Balos, one of the most spectacular beaches.

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Depending on where we have chosen our hotel in Athens, we look for a way to get to the Central Market to make it our starting point, which is not bad to start with…what a crazy fun market!

From here, after a stroll through its alleys, we will head towards Syntagma Square, the nerve center of the city, the place where most of the protests of the people that we have seen on TV so many times against the political class take place.

To get here, we will have to walk along a pedestrian street that is one of the main commercial axes of Athens. Here we will find the most famous international stores and street shows. At the end of it we will find the famous Syntagma Square, which crossing it to the end we will arrive at the Government Palace, the place where the Greek Prime Minister works, and where you can see the curious changing of the Guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier … (watch out! Each shoe weighs 3 kg …).

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