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Greece is one of those countries where you feel the history in such a tangible way that scares. Everything you’ve heard, everything you’ve read about Ancient Greece preserves its vestiges throughout its territory. And that is overwhelming. To travel to Greece is to suddenly understand centuries of our past.

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But beyond, both in the rest of the city and in surrounding towns we can find many other monuments of Greece with great historical relevance, such as the Theater of Epidaurus or Mycenae and the tomb of Agamemnon.

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“The best way to relive these unsolved mysteries – Brandi writes in front of Eleusis – is not to try to unveil them. One adopts a slow pace and the gaze caresses, like the beam of a lighthouse, either those splendidly rusted rocks, or that sea, stretched out like a blue sheet to receive in vol plané the gods of Attica who descend from Olympus.”

With an almost plastic prose and an expressive condensation typical of the poet, Brandi transports us to the landscapes of his elliptical traveling experience placing us, like himself, in the territory where reality and myth merge, where each thing claims an infinity of others, in space and time, letting us glimpse, with intelligence and lightness, the complexity of the associative labyrinths that constitute our history.

“(Brandi), a prestigious art historian, evokes his walks through the most illustrious Hellenic sceneries: Crete, the Acropolis of Athens, Delphi, Eleusis, Olympia, and Mistra and offers us his impressions, combining classical memories and current landscapes, with a refined aesthetic and clear personal style.”

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As the journey through Turkey began in Caria, in the southwest of the country, and ended at the Greek-Turkish border, the itinerary narrated in this book begins in this same place -next to the Evros, a border river of strategic importance and mythological resonance-; From there I traveled through the region of Thrace, the island of Thasos, Mount Athos and Chalkidiki, the city of Thessalonica, Upper Macedonia, Mount Olympus and Thessaly, until reaching the final climax at Thermopylae, the gorge where, despite the defeat, the great victory of the Greeks over the Persians began to be forged.

In short, this is a book that tries to take us into the essence of the Hellenic and, therefore, of the society in which we live. An essence that resides in the ancient Greek thinkers, in their travelers and in the horrors and pleasures offered by the shores of the Mediterranean.

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Located in southeastern Europe and known as the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is a country to devote all the attention and heart to soak up the legends of gods that are hidden in every hill and temple. With Athens as its capital, and situated between Asia, Africa and Europe, Greece is known by its own people as Hellás.

On our group adventure to Greece, the journey will begin in Athens, a city that today lives in perfect harmony between its classical history and its bustling, restaurant-lined streets. Our journey into the past begins at the great Acropolis of Athens and continues with a visit to ancient Corinth.

We will drive miles into the Peloponnese peninsula, which hides such important sites as Mycenae as well as lush green landscapes. A trip to Greece could not be complete without visiting the birthplace of the Olympic Games to learn about its origin and history. On our tour we will drive north to marvel at the landscapes and legends of Meteora.

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